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JobTarget's new Compensation Analyzer solution puts reliable compensation data at your fingertips so you can attract the right candidate for the job. Now you can align your salary offerings to local market data in just a few clicks! Simply search a job title and location to view real compensation data. When you enter your search, we will return the range of salaries for your area broken down by percentile, the number of workers that fall in each range, and the salary trend over the last 15 years. Unlike other tools that rely on self-reporting, the Compensation Analyzer provides salary and bonus figures as reported by the Department of Labor and the IRS.


Compensation data specific to your open position and targeted to your metro area
Breakdowns of compensation trends dating back to 2005 in easy-to-read graphs
Leverage actual compensation data reported to the Bureau of Labor Statistics
Uses the same Standard Occupation Codes categorization as the federal government
Automatically combines similar job titles into one

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does this data come from? We partnered with Emsi to gather the latest 2019 filings from the IRS for the basic data. We extend the filing back to the year 2005 for historical time trend analysis.
Who is Emsi? Emsi is a labor market analytics firmed headquarter in Moscow, Idaho.  They specialize in labor market information, job posting analytics, profile data and compensation data.  Our partnership with them, provides us the most accurate compensation data available.
How are the job titles categorized? We use the SOC (Standard Occupational Classification) system that is developed by the federal government to track job titles in the various industries.
Why was my job title not included in the drop-down section? Some titles are specific very specific to certain companies and fall under a larger title group.  Broadening the title search will improve the search results.
Why did my search not generate any results? In some instances, there simply isn’t enough data to provide results for the location searched.  If you believe your search should produce results, please contact support with the position title and location so that we can investigate the results.
How can I export and/or print this report? We provide an “export to PDF” function that will all you to download and print the report.

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