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Post jobs to over 25,000 job sites from every industry and function imaginable.


The web’s #1 eCommerce marketplace for job postings. Join thousands of companies who have posted millions of jobs through the JobTarget Job Site Marketplace. You’ll now have direct access to nearly every job site on the Internet (over 25,000!), including generalist, niche, diversity, collegiate, blogs, associations, etc.
All your recruiters can have separate accounts, but everything is centralized for total control and organization. Administrative controls include budgeting, central reporting and centralized invoicing (across all job sites!).

Make It Simple

Simplify the management of online recruitment advertising and job postings and give your recruiting team more time to focus on the candidates.
Simple implementation does not require IT resources.
Comprehensive additional services provide the necessary support to post a job to virtually any job board and bring in the qualified candidates to fill niche positions.
Customers can use the online tools within JobTarget’s Marketplace to identify the appropriate media to post to.


One Central User Interface - Easily access and manage all sites from a single platform - Spend time on meaningful work and less time on manual tasks.
Use Pre-Bought Inventory – Ability to use your pre-bought job site credits, slots, subscriptions right from within Marketplace.
Unrivaled Job Site Marketplace - Over 25,000 job sites from every industry and function imaginable - Access popular, niche, collegiate, state job banks, diversity sites, etc.
Save Money - Exclusive discounts on 5,000+ job sites
Smart Job Site Recommendations – Recommended job sites for each of your job postings - based on actual performance data of 100M job postings and 1B applications.
Discover & Use New Job Sites – Using a new job site is as easy as adding it to your shopping cart!
Ultimate Tool for Hard-To-Fill Jobs – Target the best talent where they are on the Internet, whether that be on the websites of professional associations or the Industry Blogs they read.
Total Admin Control – Add/Remove users. Restrict user’s ability to post jobs or spend money. Divvy up your job site credits amongst users. Control which users work which jobs.
Centralize Billing – No longer deal with separate bills/invoices from all of your job site vendors. Get one simple, detailed invoice from JobTarget for all of your job site purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it take long to learn how to use Marketplace? No! Using the Job Site Marketplace is easy and intuitive, so you will be able to start seeing the advantages immediately. You can post your jobs to many different sites with ease. No more having to register at job sites or having to key-in the same job data over and over. JobTarget keeps all of your online recruiting centralized and reduces the administrative work dramatically.
How do I get all of my jobs into Marketplace? JobTarget offers a Job Importer App that can automatically import your jobs from your ATS. Contact us to learn more.
Do you work with my ATS? JobTarget has premium integrations with many of the leading ATS vendors. In cases where we don’t, we can automatically import your jobs via our Job Importer App.
How will I know which sites to use? When working on a job in Marketplace, the system will make recommendations of job sites you may want to consider. These recommendations are driven by performance data collected from the 100M+ job postings JobTarget has delivered.

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