Reports: Job Advertising

Don’t advertise blindly. Measure and optimize your strategy with click, application and ROI reports.


Stop operating in the dark and begin measuring, analyzing and optimizing your recruitment advertising efforts. With these reports you can do things such as run side-by-side comparisons of job sites or quickly glance at the types of positions that do well and those that don't. Additionally, each and every report can be exported and shared with management or your colleagues.
Standard Reports include:
Advertising Performance: Aggregate report of daily traffic across all job postings
Job Summary: View activity on a job-by-job basis
Media Performance: Evaluate the effectiveness of each job site you advertise on
Audience Summary: Understand the job seekers that are clicking through your ads


Understand what is working and what is not
Recruit and source more intelligently
Paint a picture at your company meetings with our exportable results and charts
Become a Data-Driven Recruiter

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need anything for reporting to work? Yes, we need to be able to insert our tracking pixel into your ATS application flow. The good news is if you use an ATS that is partnered with JobTarget, it will be a simple process.
Is the report data completely accurate? The data is not 100% accurate, but its statistically significant. We collect enough data to provide an accurate view of what is occurring. There are scenarios where data is not collected. For example, if a job seeker searches for a job on their phone and clicks one of your ads, they may not apply then. Instead they may go home at night and log into their desktop computer and access your website directly to apply. So, in that case, the advertisement delivered the value to you, but it may not appear in your reports as an application delivered from the job advertisement.
Can I export reports? Yes. From within the interface you will be able to download the report in various formats.

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