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Let the experts assess your strategy, negotiate your contracts and be an objective advisor.


When it comes to planning and executing your online recruitment strategy, you don’t need to go it alone. JobTarget Media Strategists have seen it before and done it before. Also, they are equipped with data and tools that only the biggest companies have access to. As part of this service, you will get a dedicated media strategist that will provide an annual review of your strategy. They will also become your main point of contact dealing with the job sites and solution providers and facilitating your job site contracts.


Expert available to help you develop your recruiting strategy.
We handle all job site contract negotiations, purchases and renewals taking one more thing off your plate!
Data-driven performance reviews, measuring effectiveness of campaigns and analytics reports.
Learn the latest trends in recruitment advertising.
Simplify and consolidate job site contracts under one vendor: JobTarget.

Core Services

Job site contract management and negotiations
Diversity media recommendations
Niche recruiting media recommendations
Analytics and insights
CareerSite pages and landing pages
Support delivering 3rd-party recruiting solutions, including:
        Branded targeted banner ads
        Targeted email and text blasts

Frequently Asked Questions

What service am I provided? It depends upon the needs of your organization. Your Media Strategist will be available to do an annual review of your strategy and is available to answer questions throughout the year.
Are there any requirements or restrictions? The one requirement is that you make JobTarget your exclusive Agency of Record. That means we will handle all of your job site purchases and negotiate with and pay the vendors. You still maintain total control, as we bring options to you and you decide whether to proceed or not on each proposal.

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