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Since 2001, JobTarget has driven innovation in the recruitment advertising space. We helped invent the online association job board, developed the first job site marketplace, and we continue to drive development of programmatic recruitment advertising. We were founded on the idea that the Internet could deliver targeted marketing of help wanted advertising, and still push towards that goal on behalf of our customers.

Today thousands of organizations rely on JobTarget to optimize and execute their recruitment advertising campaigns. We distribute millions of job advertisements monthly to tens of thousands of websites, reaching and engaging millions of job seekers.

Job Site Marketplace

Ecommerce meets "Help Wanted". Through a simple web interface pick and choose among over 25,000 web sites to list your job opening. JobTarget uses algorithms to help you make recommendations based upon the performance data of over 100 million job advertisements; helping you to discover niche and specialty websites you may not have known existed. Each job opening is unique and likely is meant to reach a specific audience; let JobTarget’s Job Site Marketplace help you find and engage that audience.

Programmatic Advertising

Data and algorithms can make better decisions. Should you list your job opening on Linkedin, or Indeed, Monster, or maybe a niche job site – It is not an easy decision. Thankfully, it’s a decision you no longer need to make. JobTarget Programmatic will automatically list your job opening across all of the relevant sites, based upon performance data metrics. It will also monitor your postings and make adjustments automatically. A fully automated solution, that targets the appropriate campaign for each individual job opening you may have.

Media Experts

Experts are on hand to help you optimize your recruitment advertising strategy. JobTarget’s Media Services group will help you evaluate your goals, devise a plan, negotiate media purchases with job sites and publishers, then implement and deliver. With access to tools and data, they can share insights that make decision making easier and more effective. Connect with us today for a free consultation.

Data Driven Approach

John Wanamaker famously said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half”. Thankfully, data tracking has solved John’s problem. JobTarget’s systems and infrastructure allow advertisers to measure the effectiveness of every job posting and automatically record the source of every job applicant. Data is used to measure effectiveness and ultimately steer decision making. JobTarget uses a data first mentality that cuts waste and improves effectiveness.

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