Candidate Manager

Manage all of your candidates in JobTarget from one centralized location.


There are numerous ways you may interact with candidates within the JobTarget Platform. They may come in as job applicants; you may reach out to them through our sourcing services; you may meet them at an event; or maybe, you chat with them online. Regardless of how you connect, the Candidate Manager app allows you to now manage all your candidates from one central place. All the data is in one place and searchable. If you need to find a particular candidate, you can quickly search by name, email, or phone number. Each candidate has a detail page that contains all information you have collected, they have provided, notes you and your team have created, and your entire communication and interaction history. Candidate Manager will keep you and your team coordinated, allowing you to maintain a professional appearance with each and every candidate you interact with through JobTarget.


Search functionality allows you to quickly find a candidate by name, email, or phone number
Candidate specific pages containing all information about candidate and your team’s interaction with candidate
Candidates automatically added when interactions occur (applied for job, connection occurs, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to use the Candidate Manager app? This service is free for JobTarget customers.
Can I upload candidates into Candidate Manager? At this time, we do not allow customers to upload candidate info or resumes into the JobTarget system.
Does Candidate Manage store job seeker resumes? If a candidate has submitted or shared their profile or resume with you, it will be available in Candidate Manager. Please note that candidates do have the ability to rescind sharing. In which case that resume may no longer be available to you, unless it was submitted as a part of a job application.

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