OFCCP Local Outreach

Manage your community outreach efforts, discover new organizations and have JobTarget email your jobs to your contacts.


Whether you need to be OFCCP compliant or you want to bolster your local diversity recruiting, our Local Outreach service will help. Through this central dashboard discover new local contacts and organizations, have your jobs emailed automatically and keep notes on your outreach activities.
By engaging local non-profit organizations and county, city and state agencies you can supercharge your diversity hiring efforts. Reach organizations and individuals looking to help local employers with their hiring needs and that assist local individuals in finding a job. This service helps connect you to these organizations and provides you the tools to keep them engaged.


Search and add organizations from our database of thousands of community-based organization and local agencies
Configure your jobs to be automatically emailed to your local contacts
Customize Your Outreach - Add your own local organizations for job distribution
Create, store and download outreach activity notes by organization or general notes
Demonstrate to OFCCP Auditors the full scope of your compliance efforts
Reach into new pools of talent and expand your diversity targeting

Frequently Asked Questions

How are jobs sent to community-based organizations? When adding local contacts or organizations, you will decide what jobs will be sent to the local contact or organization. JobTarget will then email the relevant jobs on weekly basis to the organization.
Is this a communication platform? No, this is a system where you can keep track of the local organizations you work with, keep notes on activities and interactions and have your jobs automatically sent to the contacts to be shared.

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