OFCCP Activities

Track, manage and report on your outreach efforts and diversity events for targeted groups.


As a federal contractor, you know how important it is to keep proper records and track your progress towards hiring goals in order to stay compliant with the Office of Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) regulations. The OFCCP Activities App helps you identify, record, and track your relationships with community-based organizations that aid underrepresented job seekers including veterans, individuals with disabilities, women, older workers, and other minority groups.


Search our database of thousands of community-based organizations and add notes or events to track your outreach efforts associated with each organization
Add general notes about your relationship building efforts
Store and download outreach notes by organization or general notes to preserve records in the event of an audit

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Activities App assist with my Local Outreach efforts? The OFCCP Activities App will help you track and document all your good faith efforts. JobTarget offers a separate service for help with your Local Outreach efforts. You can learn more in the App Store or by talking to your Relationship Manager.
What is the pricing? The Activities App is available to all customers that have purchased Compliance or Local Outreach services.
Who can edit notes in the Activities App? To ensure preservation of notes, only company administrators have the permission to edit notes.

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