What To Look For In A Programmatic Job Advertising Solution

Published: September 7th, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on the job market, creating a highly competitive talent acquisition environment for recruiters and HR departments. With a shortage of workers in the labor market, companies are having to be creative and work harder to reach and hire the right people for their positions. Current market challenges require the use of every tool in your toolbox to attract the best talent to meet your business needs. Programmatic job advertising provides HR Departments with a critical tool to meet these demands, offering a wide array of innovative features and product options to bring you the best applicants in a cost-effective, easy manner.

So, what should you look for in a programmatic advertising solution, particularly in this volatile and highly competitive job market?

Why programmatic advertising?

To put it simply, programmatic increases your hiring efficiency and saves you time. Instead of manually posting your positions across individual job sites, programmatic advertising tools do the work for you by posting your job advertisements on multiple leading websites. Because programmatic is fully automatic and data driven, your job postings will appear on the right sites to bring you high quality applicant traffic that meets your job requirements. Therefore, programmatic does the tedious, time consuming work of posting your jobs, freeing you up to focus on other important tasks.

Look for a range of flexible options

The range of features some programmatic tools provide gives you the ability to control and direct your resources. This equips you with the agility to focus on key openings and adapt to changing needs. You also want a programmatic solution that evolves as the recruitment marketing landscape changes, an essential feature in meeting future talent acquisition needs.

For example, JobTarget’s Programmatic Singles product maximizes one-time individual job postings through data driven selection of optimum websites based on the requirements of the job. JobTarget’s Programmatic Campaigns handle several job postings simultaneously, maximizing your budget and increasing your candidate quality. Features like “boosting” increases the visibility of a targeted job posting resulting in an increase in applicant flow to that job.

Choose a vendor that will have your back

When choosing a programmatic solution, you want to be sure you’ll have the guidance of expert support. Recruitment specialists should be available to assist you with the development and execution of your programmatic advertising strategy. This expertise can be invaluable with helping you adapt to evolving market conditions.

Providing customized support benefits HR professionals by helping them understand how to get the most out of both Programmatic, and their recruiting strategy. Experts predict that the job market will continue to be volatile into the foreseeable future. Customized support, combined with the automation of easy tasks, will allow HR professionals to focus on more complicated tasks.

The challenges of a pandemic job market are significant, posing unique demands on employers competing for top talents to run their businesses. As a result, the power of data driven, flexible recruitment tools have never been more important. Programmatic puts a powerful tool in your hands that allows you to optimize your recruitment strategy for this everchanging recruiting environment.

Learn more about JobTarget Programmatic here.

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