Choose the Best Job Sites to Fill Your Open Positions

Published: September 21st, 2021

Choose the Best Job Sites to Fill Your Open Positions

Long gone are the days where the newspaper was the main source to find a new job. Today’s job seekers look online to find new job opportunities, either through job boards, career sites, or social media career pages. For recruiters, using the best job site that target the right talent is important. A job site should be relevant to the candidates you would like to attract.

So Many Job Sites to Choose From

An online job board is a website that lists job opportunities, and there are many different types, based on industry, location, or job title. Online job sites usually allow recruiters to use some features for free or offer premium packages, such as sponsored jobs. Since job seekers have been using job sites for years, employers have access to many good candidates.

There are hundreds of websites dedicated to job postings, but those that are job-specific that a candidate would visit to keep in the know about trends and best practices give the best chance to find a qualified candidate. Since only one in 152 applicants is hired when looking for qualified workers, the lack of targeting on free job boards might not be the best way to reach these candidates. Therefore, posting on the best job sites is critical.

Benefits of Posting on the Best Job Site

Choosing to post on the best job website has the following advantages:

  • User-friendly: Applying for a position online is completely user-friendly, which encourages candidates to apply. Candidates can upload their resume or apply to an open job with the click of a button.
  • Access to the Resume Database:  You can reach a good passive candidate through searching the database. This enables you to reach out to candidates who have the skills and expertise you are looking for to fill a certain position.
  • Employer Branding:  Many job boards allow employers to create their own company page.  Companies can provide their culture and brand so that candidates have a better idea about the company.

Industry Specific Job Sites

Large job sites are not the only option for finding candidates. Industry specific websites like blogs, online journals, and forums provide an increased chance of attracting top talent for an open position. Specialized job sites target certain employee skill sets or areas of expertise. Each industry specific job site offers different options for employers to get their posting to stand out.

What are Aggregators? 

With so many job sites available to post a job opening, posting on multiple job sites that must be monitored is time consuming and costly. Aggregators combine and display postings from hundreds of online job sites. The aggregator matches all openings based on position and location and consolidates them to a single searchable location. Aggregators have guidelines as to which postings will be displayed. The advantage of aggregators is that they widen the pool of applicants.  Niche sites can attract a certain type of candidate, but they do get less traffic.  The results are a smaller number of applications that are targeted.

What About Social Media?

In addition to job websites, social media has become another avenue for posting job openings. The reach of websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can expand the search for qualified candidates. Employers can use social media for job posting opportunities so that the right kind of candidate sees it. For example, Facebook offers company pages that not only allow you to broadcast news about your company and work environment, but also to post job openings. So as potential applicants are browsing their newsfeed on Facebook, they can also stay updated about job listings your company has.

There are many other social networking websites that are focused on different industries, interests, and businesses.  Those that pertain to people in your industry will attract employees with the necessary skills.  New sites pop up daily that can help meet your recruiting needs.

Vetting job sites can be time-consumer as they involve research, management, and data analysis. JobTarget’s Marketplace has a job board search engine that can recommend the best job sites based on job title, unique skill, and location.  This takes the guesswork out of the job posting process and get your open position in front of the right talent for the job.

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