Company Profiles: A Way To Market Your Employer Brand

Published: June 22, 2021

A company profile is one way to introduce your brand to your prospects by providing information on your products and services and the market you are in. But more than giving basic information about your company, it is a great opportunity to tell your brand story and show why potential candidates should choose to work for your company over a competitor. In fact, organizations that have an updated profile experience an increase in engagement and applicants.

Crafting the Perfect Company Profile

A corporate business profile should give a brief look into the company without overwhelming the reader with too much information. The purpose is to market your employer brand for potential clients and job applicants. To do this effectively, there are several pieces of information that a company profile should include.

Company Details: The details about the company should include the date it was established, a description of products and services offered, a summary of history and growth, and the mission statement.

Industry Recognition: It is important to list some of the clients you have worked with to establish credibility within your industry. Awards, certifications, client testimonials, and partnerships should also be noted.

Value Statement: What makes your company better to work for than others?  Make sure to include this information so that prospects understand what your company stands for and what makes it unique.

Contact Information: Contact information enables prospects to take action on your profile, as well as increases your SEO. Phone number, website, and a general email suffices. The information should be hyperlinked at the bottom of the page to make it easy for the user to contact you.

The profile should be written to get the prospect’s attention by telling exactly how your company helps its customers, and make the prospect want to know more about the organization. The information should be presented in a concise, positive way so it enhances your brand image. And it is important that the company profile is up to date to include initiatives that are important to the company, which shows applicants why they should work there.

Advantages of Having a Company Profile for Potential Job Candidates

A company profile is a marketing tool that will inform and leave an impression on the reader. One that is well-written highlights company values and gives insight to the culture in the company. When doing research, this helps an applicant decide if your company is appealing to them and can help persuade them as to why they should become an employee. In addition, it can establish credibility in your industry by giving information about how the organization meets its customers’ needs.

How to Use Your Company Profile to Attract the Right Candidates

The company profile should be optimized for corporate websites, staff recruitment portals, and other professional social media networks. In fact, 59% of candidates use social media to research the companies that they are interested in. However, posting it everywhere will lose its importance and not produce the best job candidates. The right platforms will most effectively reach the right targets.

Enhancements to job websites are enabling companies to further segment their profiles. For example, LinkedIn Enhance profile allows companies to add content that shows what it is like to work there. Indeed Premium Company enables employers to highlight a review and add up to 10 pieces of content.  Analytics are provided on how your branding and reviews effect the job posting. You can also gain valuable insights into how your company stacks up to your competitors in terms of talent attraction. Glassdoor now has a new product that allows you to segment your profile content according to the divisions in your company. Profiles that have specific ratings, reviews, and branded content can be tailored for each division (and job seekers within that division). More importantly, Glassdoor is now gathering input from candidates on how they perceive companies in terms of their DEI practices. This data is helping diverse candidates to understand which companies they would be better aligned with.

A well-written and engaging company profile can effectively expand your job applicant options. It conveys the credibility of your company and helps candidates decide if they want to take the next step in applying for a job. JobTarget can assist in setting up your company profile with any media source to extend your reach to potential job candidates. Contact your Relationship Manager and Media Strategist to discuss your goals and find a solution that fits your needs.

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