How Programmatic Job Advertising Can Increase Your Hiring Efficiency

Published: May 20, 2021

If you’re looking to make your recruitment efforts more efficient, Programmatic job advertising should be a priority. Hiring can be expensive and time consuming, and in a competitive hiring market, you may also be worried about whether you have the skills and resources to keep up and attract the right talent.

Programmatic makes managing all your job advertising campaigns easy. You don’t need any special marketing tech experience and you don’t have to guess what job sites will get you the best candidates. To show you just how easy it really is and how much of a difference Programmatic can make to your hiring efficiency, we’re going to tell you about three recruiters: Alice, Ben, and Cathy.

Alice posts her job to Indeed, Monster, and two industry specific job sites. This costs her almost $2,000 and she spends two hours creating the job listings and posting to each site individually. After a week, she notices she isn’t getting any good applicants on Monster, so she takes that ad down and puts the ad up on another industry site instead. That’s more time and more money. Every day, Alice logs into all four sites to download and review applications. After another week passes, she notices she isn’t getting many applications coming in from one of the industry sites, but Alice has back to back interviews that day so she doesn’t have time to take it down and repost it somewhere else. After three weeks of recruitment advertising whip lash, Alice feels like she’s blown out her budget, she’s behind on everything else she needs to do, and she only has a handful of candidates that match her job requirements.

Ben posts his job using JobTarget’s Programmatic Singles. He only needs to post his job once, he pays $250, and his ad is posted on more than four sites. The sites are chosen automatically based on Ben’s specific job and as time goes on, Programmatic optimizes the performance of his ad by removing it from low performing sites and prioritizing budget on the best performing sites. While this is happening automatically, Ben is getting applications directly in his ATS and at the end of his campaign, he can review his dashboard to check performance metrics at a glance. Ben now knows his cost per applicant and can use that as a benchmark on future jobs.

Cathy has a JobTarget Programmatic Campaign set up with a budget of $1200. She’s recruiting for four different positions at once. She has an importer set up, so once she adds a job to her ATS, it’s automatically fed into her Campaign. Cathy doesn’t have to spend a single minute of extra time on advertising. Like Ben, Cathy’s job ads are auto-optimized so she knows her jobs will be seen by the right candidates, across leading and niche job sites. Her applications are also getting automatically sent back into his ATS, but her dashboard has extra features (which is about to come in handy!). When the hiring manager for one of Cathy’s jobs tells her that they have a time sensitivity on the position, Cathy is able to add budget to the Campaign and then assign that budget to a specific job, so she’ll get applications on that job more quickly. Cathy quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively make four hires in less time and at a lower cost than both Alice and Ben.

If you’re still manually posting your job ads, it’s time to take the next step and try JobTarget Programmatic. Simply add a Programmatic Single to your next Marketplace order or get in touch with us to set up a Campaign.

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