4 Great Ways to Find – and Retain - Talent

Many industries have been in the news recently for struggling to hire enough employees to get the basics of business done. Restaurants are a notable example, but the trend is broad. A recent Pew Research study found that 53% of employed adults in the US quit their jobs to change careers in 2021. While younger adults were more prone to make a change, it occurred with various age groups, making attracting and retaining talent more important than ever. Here are some tips to make that process a bit better. 

Market your role – and company 

Attracting talent is not just an HR effort – it’s also about marketing. When posting new roles, be sure to develop a clear, understandable title and description to ensure you’re reaching the right audiences. Hiring the right candidates is the first step in retaining good talent. 74% of companies admit to having hired the “wrong” candidate, according to CareerBuilder. 

Not only is it important to market open roles well, but marketing the organization itself is key. Candidates look at a company’s reputation, corporate responsibility, diversity and inclusion, benefits offered, and more when considering making a move. An organization that can demonstrate a good reputation in these areas will attract more and better candidates – and retain them. 

Promote from within 

One of the reasons people report making career changes is out of a desire for the opportunity to advance. By promoting from within the organization, employees are given that opportunity, creating a more satisfying experience and reducing the need to make a career or company move.  

But promotions aren’t the only kind of promoting that can help. Recognition goes a long way when it comes to employee satisfaction, so finding ways to highlight employee achievements is key. Whether it’s through company-wide shoutouts or in one-on-ones with managers, ensuring that employees are being recognized for the good work they’re doing.  

Competitive compensation 

While this might seem like a no-brainer, it’s another big reason people make moves. Recognition is great, but without being backed up by wages that enable to good quality of life, it falls flat. Take the time to ensure the wages offered are standard for your industry. Providing equity or other types of company ownership are another way of bringing employees into the fold for the long-term. A stake in one’s company gives them more reason to succeed. 

Be flexible 

As the world shifted into remote work in 2020, many people realized the benefits and their own personal preference. While in 2022 companies are starting to plan a return to the office, many employees grow weary that it may spell the end of the ultra-flexible remote work they’ve come to know. By incorporating this into the future of how your organization is structured, you give employees more reason to stick around (and not seek a role where they have the flexibility they want). Hybrid models are in the news now, where employees can work from the office part-time and from home the rest. Not only does working from home come into play, but the ability to shift hours can also help retain talent. The need for doctor visits and other essential errands, taking care of the kids, etc., doesn’t go away when offices reopen, so that flexibility will be key. 


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