How to Optimize Your Job Ads for Success: Part 3

Written By Abby Carter | January 26, 2023

If you’ve been with us throughout this blog series on optimizing your job ads, you are almost across the finish line! Here’s what we covered in Part 1 and Part 2.  


  • How to leverage available tools to understand the talent pool you are trying to reach 

  • How to create a job ad that is fundamentally sound to optimize conversion 

  • How to focus on creating a perfectly curated job title, a short, yet detailed job description, and the precise tone to reach a specific audience  


  • How to create a winning advertising strategy 

  • How many job sites job seekers visit before applying 

  • Who gets credit when candidates do apply (and how you can make sure it’s you)  

We’ve learned a lot. All that’s left is the execution of the strategies that have been put into place. 

 So now, we’re ready for PART THREE  

How to make it all count. 

  • What Programmatic Job Advertising is and how it’s converting more successful hires 

  • What to do if job ads aren’t resonating 

  • How to keep winning the best talent in 2023 with the right recruitment advertising strategy

Programmatic Job Advertising

One of the fastest growing technologies in recruiting is Programmatic Job Advertising. Very simply defined, it is “the practice of using data, analytics, machine learning and AI to buy, place and optimize job ads.” 

We know -- super boring. Lots of buzzwords. So, what does it even mean? 

In simpler terms, Programmatic Job Advertising ensures that the most qualified job seekers are targeted with the most relevant job ads. It’s the use of technology that ensures the most relevant and effective job sites, timing, costs, and traffic are strategized and distributed.  

At JobTarget, we look to automate the process of getting your jobs on the very best job sites to get them filled faster.  

We have a collection of over 70 sites that participate in our Programmatic network.  

We are constantly evaluating job site performance across every job, every industry, and every level of experience to make sure that when a job gets posted in our network, we can match the job to the optimal amount of job sites. 

So, the job gets in front of the candidates that matter. 

We take a recruiting budget and optimize it across several job sites to reach that person when they’re searching. 

From application all the way to the hire.

The journey, at JobTarget, looks something like this: 

1. Job postings are automatically distributed across numerous sites 
2. Job postings appear in front of candidates to view and apply  
3. Your budget is optimized and allocated to best performing sites
4. Your recruiter receives candidates from various sites  
5. Roles are taken from open to hired 

You’re probably asking, why does this method work? 

1. Increased buying power

Drive down your costs by posting to diversified job sites. 

2. Cleaner data

Historical Analytics determine which job sites perform best putting you in the best position to reach your target audience.

3. Smarter automation

Our technology actively manages your campaign, maximizing performance and minimizing risk. 

4. Relationship Management

More effectively manage your online recruitment strategy with dedicated relationship managers who already know everything about your advertising strategy. 

5. Proper Budgeting

No more “just add more budget” conversations. Programmatic at JobTarget intelligently adds, removes, and posts jobs in places where they get the most bang for their buck. 

The next million-dollar question.

What if ads aren't resonating?

You could do absolutely everything right and still not land the kind of talent you want. That’s why we call this the “unsolvable problem”. Strategies will continually need refined because we’re dealing with humans, here. 

1. Re-strategize the job ad
  • Go back to the drawing board and edit through wordcount and keywords of the job title and description. 

  • SEO-Optimize. 

  • Go an extra step and do more compensation research and adjust accordingly.

2. Reassess employer branding
  • Make sure your mission and vision align with the language in your job post. 

  • Ensure DEI is a common thread throughout your ads. 

  • Professional development and training opportunities should be well defined.  

3. Optimize the apply process
  • Run through the application length again and adjust. 

  • Make sure you have JobTarget Easy Apply up and running. 

  • Test it on mobile. 

4. Leverage more data
  • Pull more appropriate data. 

  • Check out a competitive analysis. What are your competitors doing differently? 

  • Review hiring cycles. 

  • Take a look at heatmaps and geotargeting. 

5. Get more budget-focused
  • Seek more detailed budget advice. 

  • Discuss how you’re spending your budget. 

  • Walk through budget efficiency plans. 

A job ad is only as good as the way it’s written, the strategy you put forth, and the ability to refine and reassess when things aren’t resonating.  


Don’t just take our word for it 

Here’s what a few of our customers have to say about their experience using JobTarget's Programmatic Job Advertising. 

Final thoughts

Putting together a strategy to effectively hire the best talent and fill open roles isn’t easy. It will take constant refinement and testing.  

Want to learn more about how JobTarget Programmatic Advertising can help? 


Contact us here. We'd love to tackle this challenging time together.

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