How to Optimize Your Job Ads for Success: Part 2

Written By Abby Carter | January 16, 2023

This blog series, we’re addressing the question, “What can you do to put yourself in the best possible position to fill your open jobs?” 

If you missed, "How to Optimize Your Job Ads for Success: Part 1", here's what we covered:

How to...

  • Leverage available tools to understand the talent pool you are trying to reach 

  • Create a job ad that is fundamentally sound to optimize conversion 

  • Focus on creating a perfectly curated job title, a short, yet detailed job description, and the precise tone to reach a specific audience 

Now, it’s time to put it all together for Part 2: creating a winning advertising strategy

1. Set an appropriate budget for your job

Budgets can determine where your job lives, how long it will live there, and whom it reaches. So, take your time in determining your starting budget (the average budget is around $200 for a 30-day timeframe) or you can strategize a cost-per-click budget and/or an advertisement campaign.  

2. Use diverse strategies to reach job seekers wherever they are

Like we discussed in Part 1 of this blog series, know your audience. When you know what they’re looking for, what skills are important to them, and the kind of language that they’ll respond to, you also know what types of job sites this audience visits and will resonate with. The purpose of this is to be where they live: social media, google search terms, dedicated spaces on your brand website, and niche job sites that advertise jobs like this. 

3. Appear in the right job searches to ensure high quality traffic

Appearing in the right job search requires knowing what the search could be. This has everything to do with the language your ideal candidates speak, the appropriate job title, a tailored job description, and a understood dialect that candidates applying for roles like these would use.

4. Ensure your Jobs remain open and available until filled

There’s nothing worse than a candidate applying for a job and then getting a notification that the job has already been filled. This takes some maintenance, great technology, and attention to detail. It’s a great way to lose a future candidate. Don’t make that mistake!

5. Limit wasted spend on under-performing job sites

This is the toughest step of the process. It can be hard to gauge how your jobs are performing on each job site and when to remove them (and redirect them). But, it’s essential to making sure you’re not losing money on your job ads, and losing potential talent.  

The truth about numbers

Did you know? 80% of people who get hired into a job have applied to that job within the first 14 days after posting. 

Which tells us that keeping your job open for longer than 30 days is probably not the most effective strategy when folks are applying. 

Did you know? Job seekers visit five different job sites before they apply.  

Here’s what the general process will probably feel like to a candidate: 

They find your job post on Indeed. 

They want to do some background checks on your company culture and people, so they jump over to Glassdoor to read reviews. 

Then, they’ll usually want to see your company’s active social media and communications, so they’ll jump on your company’s LinkedIn. 

Next, they’ll do a triple check of your website and make sure what was said on LinkedIn and Glassdoor align with what they see you advertising on your site. 

FINALLY, they’ll want to apply. But, they may not go back to Indeed. They may go to Monster instead. And Monster gets the credit for that applicant.  

Instead of spending more money to have candidates find you on Indeed and then apply through Monster, you’ll need a solution that automatically places and optimizes job ads to save you money and bring in better candidates.  

That’s where we come in.  

Final thoughts

Now that you have a winning advertising strategy and know some essentials about a job seeker’s journey, we're ready to post, analyze, and refine.  

Enter: Programmatic Job Advertising 

Stay tuned for next week’s Part 3 blog. 

You’ll learn: 

  • What Programmatic Job Advertising is and how it’s converting more successful hires 

  • What to do if job ads aren’t resonating  

  • How to keep winning the best talent in 2023 with the right recruitment advertising strategy 

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