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Federal Government Makes Changes to OFCCP in 2021

Every business that has a contract with the federal government needs to be familiar with OFCCP and how its regulations continuously evolve. Designed to promote nondiscrimination, the set of regulations require written affirmative action plans, an internal audit and reporting system, and posters and notices, among other actions.

[UPDATED] How to Attract Veterans to Your Organization

With many organizations and Federal Contractors looking for skilled employees, and many veterans looking for jobs, why are they both having trouble connecting? Many organizations would like to hire qualified veterans to fill their job openings. Unfortunately, many don’t know how to go about attracting veterans.

The Great Resignation Continues Strong as 2021 Wraps

As 2021 wraps and the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases its December jobs report, employers are keeping a close eye on what the latest data means. We took a look at several key figures to understand what they mean on their own and how they impact The Great Resignation.

Insider Tips for Job Postings That Work

A job posting is most often the first impression your company makes on potential candidates. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure your job posts have the right titles and descriptions, are aimed at the best talent, and make a positive impression.

How the Easy Apply Button Enhances the Hiring Process

Job seekers are busy. And so are the employers who are hiring them. Applying for jobs can be a time-consuming process, especially when candidates need to enter their personal information, work history, and resume for each position they apply to.

[UPDATED] Save Time and Money While Recruiting

As a hiring manager or owner of a company, you know firsthand how difficult it can be to find qualified candidates for open positions. Many employers are challenged in their decisions, like where to invest to grow the company, and one of the most important investments is…

Six Tips for Attracting Seasonal Employees

With the holidays fast-approaching, companies that need to hire seasonal employees may be looking to for additional ways to find qualified candidates. A seasonal recruitment strategy will enable your company to attract and hire seasonal employees.

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