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The Programmatic Advertising World Gears Up for 2022

Programmatic technology has transformed how advertisers reach customers, with its ability to hone in on the right audience and its constant, automatic optimization greatly improving ad performance. As this tech constantly evolves, we take a look at what’s in store for programmatic technology in 2022.

The Basics of OFCCP Compliance

Maintaining OFCCP compliance can be difficult to navigate. With some helpful information, your organization can meet all its requirements, decrease the risk of audits, and build a diverse workforce in accordance with the law. Here’s some essential OFCCP information you should know.

Declining Immigration Exacerbating Tight Job Market

For several years now, the US has been through a much talked-about labor shortage. Initially, this could be attributed to the temporarily reduced workforce caused by COVID. But the labor shortage doesn’t seem to be letting up, and long-standing trends indicate it won’t.

Federal Government Makes Changes to OFCCP in 2021

Every business that has a contract with the federal government needs to be familiar with OFCCP and how its regulations continuously evolve. Designed to promote nondiscrimination, the set of regulations require written affirmative action plans, an internal audit and reporting system, and posters and notices, among other actions.

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