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How to Successfully Recruit Generation Z

There are so many challenges recruiters must overcome to attract the right candidate and you must adapt to the changes of each generation that enters the employment sphere. Here, we give you some helpful tips on the digital natives called Gen Z and what you can do to entice them into your organization.

Tips and Tricks to Increase Applications for Your Roles

In a market where you have to capture the attention of a job seeker quickly, employers need to develop unique and creative strategies to get their openings seen. JobTarget has 5 tips and tricks for you to get your job ads in front of more candidates and successfully fill them with top talent.

The Fast and The Furious: Recruiting for High Volume

Recruiting has become more complicated in an ever-changing digital environment and there are a variety of factors to consider before recruiting at high volume. Find out some tips for high-volume recruiting success.

Tips to Increase Your Online Recruiter Presence

Your online presence is one of the first touchpoints encountered by candidates. That’s why it’s important to know your online reputation and establish a personal brand as a recruiter. We have listed some ideal tips on how you can build or improve your online recruiting presence and why it’s so important.

Understanding ATS and HRIS Platforms

Organizing everything from tracking applications and candidate evaluations to employee performance and payroll can be challenging. Here, we discuss applicant tracking systems (ATS) and human resource information systems (HRIS) -- their differences and what you should consider when integrating either or both for your company.

What is a Pay Equity Audit?

The OFCCP is increasingly focusing on federal contractors' pay equity practices and compensation discrepancies. Here, we provide a basic overview of pay equity and provide best practices on how to reduce the risks that may result in costly violations.

Ins and Outs of “Remote” Job Advertising

The pandemic-fueled adoption of remote work has forever changed the workforce – gone are the days when job applicants overlook long commutes and rigid office hours. Candidates want more flexibility. According to Monster's Future of Work 2022, Remote jobs remain the number one search performed on Monster.com, and today's seekers are in a powerful position.

OFCCP Rescinds Four Directives

The OFCCP recently implemented Directive 2022-02 – rescinding four previous directives known as “The Four Pillars” – adopting a more stringent approach to contractor compliance. Find out what they are and how they affect your organization.

Webinar: Understanding Your OFCCP Obligations & Risks

With varying consequences – including financial, contract loss, and reputation damage – staying up to date with the regulations and avoiding preventable violations is critical. Join JobTarget and Deltek for our upcoming webinar – Understanding Your OFCCP Obligations & Risks. Learn out about last year’s top OFCCP complaints and violations and the changes coming up in 2022 and beyond.

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