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How to Optimize Your Job Ads for Success: Part 1

Recruitment: the time, the research, the resources, and the expertise needed to successfully post, nurture, and fill jobs (in a timely manner), feels like an unsolvable task. That's where we come in.

3 Things You Need to Know About [New] Salary Transparency Laws: Part 2

Salary transparency is becoming increasingly important for companies and states across the U.S. The impact of this shift in transparency is working to close racial and gender wage gaps, as well as requiring more accountability for companies and less turmoil for candidates and employees.

3 Things You Need to Know About [New] Salary Transparency Laws: Part 1

States across the US are now implementing salary transparency laws that require employers to disclose public compensation details about each advertised role. Learn everything you need to know about these new standards and how they impact employers, candidates, employees, and even contractors.

A Recruiter's December Checklist

December is one of those bittersweet months. It’s a time for reflection and celebration, while simultaneously demanding us to look ahead. Let's take a look at how recruiters can best spend their December.

5 Reasons Why Recruiters Deserve Our Thanks This Holiday Season

To all the recruiters, HR staff, HR tech wizards, and those dedicated to creating a better experience for their teams, we see you. And we appreciate you. This holiday season, from our team to yours, we want to let you know how THANKFUL we are for your work.

How to Ensure That Your Organization Complies With VEVRAA

November is National Veterans and Military Families month, and if you are a federal contractor, it is a good opportunity for your organization to make sure that it remains compliant with the OFCCP's primary regulations for Veterans. So, what is VEVRAA and how does it apply to your organization?

Future-Proof Your Recruiting Methods for 2023

As we’re brainstorming our new action plans to improve our recruiting processes and hiring efforts in 2023, which recruiting strategies should we prepare for, think about, and put into focus before the new year gets here?

Why You Should Be Geotargeting Your Job Ads

Today’s hiring market is extremely competitive, and recruiters have had to pull out all the stops to find candidates and fill open roles. There’s one method that has remained true, even in the midst of uncertainty. Leveraging data. And now it's time to get creative with it. Introducing: geotargeting.

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