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Optimize Your Job Description To Attract Qualified Candidates

An effective job description gives potential employees an overview of the position, the requirements, and the qualifications and skills necessary to do the job well. If you present the wrong information, you risk attracting the wrong candidates.

Company Profiles: A Way To Market Your Employer Brand

A company profile is one way to introduce your brand to your prospects by providing information on your products and services and the market you are in. But more than giving basic information about your company, it is a great opportunity to tell your brand story and show why potential candidates should choose to work for your company over a competitor.

How Programmatic Job Advertising Can Increase Your Hiring Efficiency

If you’re looking to make your recruitment efforts more efficient, Programmatic job advertising should be a priority. Hiring can be expensive and time consuming, and in a competitive hiring market, you may also be worried about whether you have the skills and resources to keep up and attract the right talent.

Military Spouses Are Protected Too

Many states now include some type of military spouse interstate license transfers/recognition to make it easier for military spouses to find employment after military change of station/location. The OFCCP also recommends that federal contractors have a nondiscrimination policy in place for military spouses and family members.

Optimize Your Job Title To Reach Desired Candidates

Making sure your job advertisement reaches as many qualified candidates as possible starts with a great job title. Since most job seekers research job openings by searching by title, getting it right is imperative. And, because your listing is competing with thousands of others, an optimized job title will ensure that the most desired candidates are applying for your open position

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