What Internal Hiring and March Madness Have in Common

Written By Abby Carter | March 20, 2023

March Madness is one of my favorite times of the year. We’re all rooting for that Cinderella Story where the 16 seed ranked underdog makes a run no one was expecting. It got me thinking, why do we all love to watch that team win games they never thought they’d win? 

I believe it’s because we like to watch people rise to the occasion. To grow before our eyes. To accomplish the unexpected. To win big when all odds are stacked against them.  


Hiring talent in 2023 is a bit like March Madness. It’s a bit of a roller coaster. Unpredictable. Nerve-wracking. One minute we’re up, the next we’re down. We’ve watched our favorite teams lose. And we’ve even been surprised by the underdogs winning big.  

So how do we find our footing amid uncertainty? This is where the outcome of March Madness and the outcome of businesses share a page for a short while. What’s the key to tackling the adversity of the challenge, uncertainty of the game, and winning big when things seem out of our hands? Having a deep bench of talent. 


I grew up around basketball. I’m from Indiana if that tells you anything at all. And my dad always preached that a team’s bench would determine if they won big games.  

The truth is the starting five players get tired. They need support. They need relief. They need rest. And most importantly, they need players they can trust to come in and show up when it’s time for them to come out. 

The players on the bench train just like the starting five. They learn the same plays, they invest the same amount of time, and they have to have the same resilient attitude.  

When the players on the bench are valued the same as the players on the court, they show up in big moments. They grow before our very eyes. And they win big when all odds are stacked against them. 


There are Cinderella Stories happening in your company right now. As hiring outside talent becomes a bigger challenge throughout 2023, look inwards. Look at your people. They will be the ones to carry you through. Having a deep bench within your company reduces the time, cost, and resources needed to hire externally while increasing the probability of a committed, satisfied workforce. 

Your people already know the plays. They already have the skills. They just need to be molded and given the opportunity to go into the game. 

Final thoughts

Remember these 3 things as you ponder the outcome of internal hiring in 2023:

1. Hiring existing talent rewards commitment and hard work while increasing retention  
2. There is nothing more demotivating for employees than being passed over for roles by outside hires 
3. Always invest in who you have. They could be the players that help you win big. You just have to put them in the game.

Happy March Madness and more importantly, Happy Hiring!

Knowing the importance of hiring internally and how to do so is the key to winning big while saving money on external resources. If you’re looking for more ways to improve your recruiting process, we would love to help you and your organization. Chat with one of our recruitment experts here.  

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