Use Google Ads to Get Your Jobs in Front of the Right Audience

Updated on: Feb 2, 2022

Published on: Oct 27, 2020

The internet continues to be one of the main ways that people get information. As of January 2022, there were approximately 5 billion internet users in the world. Google dominates as the search engine with a net market share of over 90%. Many people think of Google primarily as a search engine, but it also provides advertising opportunities.

As an HR manager or recruiter, you are always looking for new ways to find great talent. Google Ads is a tool that lets employers purchase an advertisement position in a Google search as well as on Google’s partner sites including YouTube.

How does Google Ads work? 

If you have not used Google Ads (formerly called Google Ad Words) previously, it is Google’s advertising service in which you can place your website in a higher ranking position on a search engine page by paying for it. Advertising within the listings of a search engine is called paid search. Advertisers can select keywords or phrases that are relevant to their company or job opening that will be shown to those users.

Of course, there are other companies vying for the same ranking spots. The Ad Rank is calculated by the quality of your ads and landing page, your bid amount for the ad, the topic and nature of the search, signals like location and device type of the user, and ad extensions. You pay Google Ads every time your advertisement is clicked on, which is called PPC or price-per-click.

What are the benefits of utilizing JobTarget with Google Ads?

Google Ads allows recruiters and human resource managers to target a specific location using specific keywords. This ensures that the ad reaches a broad audience and give opportunities to reach both active and passive candidates. It does not need to be used for job positions only, however. Google Ads can be used to promote hiring events, new locations, or branding opportunities. JobTarget creates the ads for you using EMSI data to utilize the most appropriate keywords, location, and skills for the type of role. This is a cost-effective way to optimize your advertisement for a job opening.

There are several benefits to using JobTarget to advertise your job opening:

  • Google Ads is a cost-effective advertising platform because it only costs money when a person who is interested in the ad clicks on it.
  • Advertisers can track and measure their job advertisement results. Results are monitored and can be adjusted at any time.
  • An ad can target a certain location, keyword, or skill to narrow the search.
  • It can add more awareness and enhance the opportunities and branding initiatives a company has.

Adding more than just job postings to your portfolio of recruitment solutions can create a positive outlook on your company and its hiring initiatives. Google Ads allows you to customize your marketing plan and budget to target the specific audience who will see your job openings.

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