How to Effectively Hire a Remote Workforce

Since the hiring landscape has changed due to the pandemic, remote work has been at the forefront of the recruiting process. But knowing how to hire a remote worker effectively can be challenging if you don’t have the appropriate identifiers and processes in place to be successful. Here, we provide some key elements on how to hire an effective remote workforce. 

Benefits of Hiring Remote 

A remote workforce benefits an organization in several ways including an increase in employee productivity due to being in a quieter work environment and with fewer distractions. Organizations also gain from employee retention due to an increase in worker satisfaction. Retention helps reduce the consistent training and onboarding of new employees on a more regular basis.  

Other benefits include: 

  • Increase in diverse candidate applications 

  • Fewer employees calling out of the office from illness 

  • Reduction in commuter anxiety 

  • Costs associated with facility maintenance 

Create an effective job posting 

Writing an engaging job description has become imperative whether you’re hiring onsite, hybrid, or remote. However, when you are specifically searching for remote workers, you want to make sure everything in your job advertisement is clearly written. That means the job title should meet industry standards and be keyword searchable, the description should mention all the skills and personality traits necessary for the position and outline the responsibilities a candidate is expected to fulfill. 

You’ll especially want to mention whether you’re searching for global, national, or locally remote workers. Since remote workers can essentially be anywhere in the world, you want to make sure time zones won’t cause any issues for your organization. 

Skills and evaluations 

The expertise of a candidate is a tricky thing to evaluate when it comes to hiring remotely, but some of the best ways to examine their skills are to find out if they are independent self-starters and can understand the technology that may be used within the organization. Of course, the technology is different in each organization, but several platforms are similar, and a basic understanding of the software used in your industry should be prevalent. In addition, remote employees should have great time-management and organizational skills.  

A useful tactic that you may want to implement is administering a personality test. Along with finding out if the candidate is a self-starter and tech-savvy, you can find out if they’re organized, flexible, pro-active, creative, and reliable. 

Communication is vital 

When hiring a remote employee, expectations pertaining to communication must be clearly defined. Structure on performance, evaluations, and how to get in touch with team members in a timely manner are all part of the process.  

While onboarding employees, make sure they have all the access to the right training materials, company policies, and services they need to be successful. These tactics, along with promoting your company values, will help encourage the employee to become more engaged with the company. 

Building your brand 

Evaluation of your organization’s guidelines, implementing strategies that focus on accurate job descriptions, understanding how remote positions should be developed, and getting to know the candidates you want to hire will strengthen the company brand. It will open doors for recruiting through employee referral programs and build a larger network of finding potential employees.  

By hiring remotely, you can recruit the notable talent you may not have had access to prior to Covid-19 and build a competitive workforce that promotes growth within your organization. 

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