3 Ways to Reduce Cost-Per-Applicant

Reducing cost-per-applicant is about continuously reviewing your strategy and adapting to an ever-changing market. Identifying ways to reduce spend can be tricky, so we've outline three ways to do so. 

Automation is a Foundation for Savings 

Programmatic advertising is essential for reducing cost-per-applicant. This automated solution is performance-based and uses algorithms to evaluate how an ad campaign is working, automatically and constantly making adjustments. When it comes to job advertising, if the campaign isn’t performing well, the system moves ad spend to a different job site. This solution is especially powerful when integrated directly into your ATS, bringing key tools and services into one platform.  

Optimize Job Titles and Descriptions for Accessibility and Discoverability 

One of the main way you can reduce cost-per-applicant is how you write your job titles and descriptions. Your posting may get in front of the right candidate, but what if it isn’t written in a way that motivates a candidate to apply? Does the title of the position coincide with industry standards? Are your descriptions clear and to the point? 

Candidates want to be able to scan the position quickly. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure you capture the eye of the candidate within moments. Make sure the requirements are written clearly in the descriptions without typos and feature the key requirements needed to fill the role. Double-check your post before publishing it and make sure you don’t have any requirements that really aren’t required. It’s also helpful to add whether the position is on-site, hybrid, or remote. This could broaden candidate applications. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key piece to making sure your job ads get in front of the right talent and reaches the top of job sites. By adding the right search terms and keywords, you’ll bring in the candidate traffic you’re looking for and increase applicant engagement, saving on recruiting time.  

Employee Referral, Retention, and Company Reputation  

When companies provide competitive compensation and benefits and nurture a positive work environment for employees, it builds confidence and trust and positively affects the growth of the brand. These factors help reduce cost-per-applicant because recruiters can bring in good candidates more easily and organizations retain them due to the healthy atmosphere. The employees then want to see the company grow and help provide recruiters with leads to more quality candidates. Referrals are a great way to source good-quality candidates.  

Organization and Strategy Leads to Effective Recruiting 

Finding the right talent and knowing which recruitment tools are most effective will give you the advantage you need to reduce cost-per applicant. Implementing a programmatic solution, effective titles and descriptions, and encouraging referrals will set you on a cost-effective path.  

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