How the Easy Apply Button Enhances the Hiring Process

Published: January 6th, 2021

Job seekers are busy. And so are the employers who are hiring them. Applying for jobs can be a time-consuming process, especially when candidates need to enter their personal information, work history, and resume for each position they apply to. In fact, sometimes it is so cumbersome that applicants choose to abandon the process altogether. The “Easy Apply” button is one way to make it easier for applicants to apply for positions at your company.

Losing Out on Top Talent

According to CareerBuilder, up to 60 percent of job seekers abandon filling out online job applications because they are too long or complex. That translates to a loss of top talent and higher costs associated with abandonment in cost-per-click platforms. While you might think that a lengthy application process helps to weed out uninterested candidates, it also eliminates high quality candidates who understand that their time is valuable and have other opportunities in the job market. Having an easy application process encourages more qualified talent to apply.

What is Easy Apply?

Most “Apply” buttons on websites take the applicant to the company’s website. However, job sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor allow users to apply for a position without even leaving the website by using Easy Apply functionality. For applicants who have a full profile on the platform, the option of using this button makes it quick to apply with just one click. The information that the candidate previously uploaded to the platform will be transferred to the job application. The candidate doesn't need to manually enter any information that is already stored in the platform’s database.

How Easy Apply Works:

When the button is clicked, a popup with the candidate’s information as well as the option to upload their resume appears. The popup usually has a dropdown to add preferred email address and phone number as well.

Information You Receive:

When a potential candidate uses the Easy Apply button on LinkedIn for example, you will initially see their profile which includes name, picture, LinkedIn headline, title, education, past experience, location, and industry. You also receive their uploaded resume.

Benefits to Using Easy Apply

There are several benefits that employers enjoy when using Easy Apply:

Easy Sorting:

If you post a job on several sites, you may end up with hundreds of applications. Easy Apply allows you to retrieve the applications that applied for the job quickly. Because you receive a snippet of information such as location and industry, you can see right away if the candidate checks certain boxes without having to sift through a lot of information.

Higher Conversion Rates:

While potential candidates enjoy a seamless, mobile-friendly application experience right on the original platform they logged onto, employers benefit from a bigger and better pool of applicants. Using the Easy Apply button is an uncomplicated way for qualified applicants to submit their candidacy.

View Critical Match:

The ‘view critical match’ option provides you with a breakdown of how well the profile aligns with the job description. The skills section of the match is created based on the keywords that the applicant uses in their profile. This automatic functionality gives recruiters key insights in a snap.

Match Score:

Applicants can be sorted by the Match Score, which is based on job title, location, industry, and experience level. For busy employers, this saves time by focusing on those who are the best match for the position. Another way technology is making the practice of hiring easier.

Retrieving Job Applications

Easy Apply can be integrated into existing platforms. If the job has been posted to LinkedIn Job Slots, applicants are collected and routed right to LinkedIn, rather than to another site. Each job has a unique Company Job Code which maps job posting ID’s to LinkedIn job ID’s.

Employers that utilize Easy Apply will find candidates who are best suited for the position they need to fill by simplifying the application process.

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