Insider Tips for Job Postings That Work

A job posting is most often the first impression your company makes on potential candidates. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure your job posts have the right titles and descriptions, are aimed at the best talent, and make a positive impression. Think of it like writing a great news article – you need a great hook and a reason for someone to continue reading.

What should I include in a good job posting?

Knowing what to include in your job posts can be a bit difficult. Here are some key elements that will help ensure you have a compelling and thorough job ad:

  • A strong title

  • A detailed but concise description

  • Accurate keywords throughout

  • Why you need to fill the role

  • Why a candidate would want to apply

Make a Good First Impression

Two important parts of a job post are the position title and the description. They are critical because they are the first two things a potential candidate sees. The job title should be simple and straight to the point. It should be industry specific, short, and should clearly represent the position.

In the description, you should provide as much detail as possible, but avoid making it so exhaustive that it’s impossible for any candidate to qualify. Clearly describe the job responsibilities, salary, benefits, and your organization. Make sure to include the required (the really required, separate from the nice-to-have) skills and qualifications to focus your recruiting on candidates who best match your needs. State where the position is located and, if the job allows, include remote options. This is becoming a bigger decision factor as many candidates seek flexibility in their work environments.

Optimize Those Keywords

When thinking about your title and description, including keywords throughout your job posting helps get your jobs noticed by potential candidates. A keyword is a word or phrase that candidates will use when searching for jobs to apply to. Having the correct keywords in your job postings will help draw the right candidates to your postings. It’s important to use relevant keywords that your candidates would use in the real world to find your posting. For example, a graphic designer would likely not search for “digital artist” roles. This is a critical component when creating a job post as it can significantly affect the amount of traffic and therefore the effectiveness of the post.

Think About “Why?”

Before you start creating the job post, think about why this position is needed. Why does the job need to be filled? What are you looking for in the ideal candidate? What is required for someone to be successful in this position? Knowing the answers to these questions can assist you with developing a job posting that will help you find the right candidate and make their experience with your company more seamless.

Sell the Role

Lastly, it’s important to remember that a job posting is like any other advertisement: you’re trying to sell the job opportunity and get rockstar applicants in the door. Providing links to testimonials, Glassdoor reviews, or links to your company’s social media pages can help paint a picture of your company in the candidate’s mind. In addition, if your company has a landing page, including a direct link to it can also help.

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