[Letters from JobTarget] Hiring Continues to Slow: Now What?

Written By Abby Carter | May 22, 2023

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May 2023

To all recruiters and hiring teams,

According to LinkedIn’s latest Global Talent Trends Report, hiring continues to slow around the world.  

Hiring is a two-way street. And right now, candidates are not on the road. They're happy in their companies, preparing for internal mobility and career advancement, or simply not in need of employment.

So, what does this mean for recruiters who spend their days matching the right talent to the best role?

One word: reroute.

Just like candidates have had to ebb and flow in crazy labor market conditions over the past few years, so do recruiters and hiring teams.

Maybe it's not as copy and paste as it used to be. Maybe there's more nuance and room for creativity. And maybe, just maybe, this is all a blessing in disguise to up our own hiring game.

The pandemic pushed (and empowered) candidates to take a step back and reassess their careers. They had to upskill, pivot, and show up for themselves in new, unique ways. A majority of them transformed their career path in the process.

Now, it's your turn. It's time to upskill yourself.

Diversify your approach.

If you had a workflow and winning strategy that worked before, update it. Try something different.

If your tech stack isn't relevant right now, shift to tools that support your current needs.

Look for candidates on sites you've never tried before. Interview past candidates (if you're legally able) to understand their world and new needs.

Get really good at one thing during this season.

Hone your craft of writing captivating job descriptions and ads.

Practice empathy in your recruitment strategy (here's some help from the experts).

JobTarget's Job Description Builder can shape your job description writing skills. Learn more about what it can do for you in this video.

Research your roles.

There's never been a more critical time to review and implement data into your recruitment strategy.

According to ATS leader, Lever, the talent organizations that don’t embrace data in 2023 (and moving forward) will continue to have difficulty in sourcing talent, nurturing job seekers, and hiring the top candidates in an efficient, predictable manner. Consistent, data-driven talent acquisition and recruiting strategies will become table stakes.  

Data is available for support, strategizing, and storytelling.

Without data, you are essentially skipping to the last chapter of a book without understanding how the beginning and the middle led to the ending.

Research the roles that you have hired well in.

Research the roles that you have yet to the find the right candidate for.

And last but not least, research the roles that aren't even on your radar yet. Because soon enough, they probably will be. And when they are, you'll already have a talent mapping strategy at play.

Keep going.

What's that one phrase our parents, teachers, and coaches were relentless about saying? "Practice makes perfect." Although cliché, the phrase can be powerful.

As long as we continue moving, growing, and evolving, we're sharpening ourselves for what's to come.

And if we've learned nothing else over the last three years, it's that we never truly know what's coming.

We have to prepare now for where we want to be later—no matter what comes and disrupts us along the way.

Happy Hiring,

The JobTarget Team

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