Case Study: H2Health Leverages Programmatic to Ease Hiring Challenges

We spent some time talking to Carol Ribeiro, Director of Recruiting at H2Health and its subsidiaries, Milestone and Great Strides. While managing numerous job postings (up to 78 at a time!), Carol realized how much Programmatic job advertising could help with recruitment by automating various aspects of the process. Let's explore her challenge and how Programmatic advertising helped streamline her hiring efforts.

The Story of H2Health

H2Health operates outpatient facilities that provide therapy services for patients, both in brick and mortar locations and providing on-demand travel therapy. Carol oversees the entire recruiting function for both H2Health, Great Strides, and Milestone and manages four recruiters. Most of the roles she fills are therapist positions - Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists. However, her most challenging roles to fill include entry-level roles, a trend we've seen in many industries since the start of COVID. While H2Health is growing rapidly and has a constant demand for new talent, they see low turnover, leaving hiring as their primary challenge.

The Challenge of High Recruitment Needs

In early 2021, Carol found herself managing all the recruiting for a rapidly growing business and because of several acquisitions, the need to hire had increased exponentially. In any given month, Carol recruits for around 60 positions, most of which being PRN (on-call) and full-time positions. She was used to manually positing jobs on multiple job boards, opening and closing each one as needed. She had some hard-to-fill positions, generally due to their remote location. Speech therapy positions were also hard to fill. Today, entry-level and non-medical positions are Carol's hardest to fill roles. Before the pandemic, those positions would fill themselves due to the large applicant volume. To address this plethora of challenges, Carol began looking for new ways to tackle them.

"JobTarget takes care of pretty much all the advertising for us, so we don't really have to worry about too much other than what budget we have." – Carol

Giving JobTarget Programmatic a Try

During her training in the organization's new payroll platform, Carol was excited to learn about JobTarget. After doing some research, she liked that Programmatic did most of the advertising for her and eliminated a lot of the administrative work that was taking up so much of her time. Knowing that, for the most part, she'd just need to manage the job advertising budget, she decided to give JobTarget a try.

How JobTarget Programmatic Helped

Carol used Programmatic Campaigns to automatically post her jobs to multiple different websites, allowing her to collect more applications than if she'd manually posted them. With around 60 jobs per month to manage, posting across numerous job boards just wasn't scalable. With JobTarget Programmatic, her jobs post across 50+ job sites in just one transaction. Not only that, the specific sites are constantly and automatically optimized based on how well each is delivering candidates for each open role. She's also received support from a dedicated account manager to help with her strategy and recruitment needs. "Christian [H2Health's account manager] has been nothing but wonderful to us," she says.

Programmatic Advertising Delivers Results

So far, with JobTarget Programmatic, Carol has been able to better meet the organization's growing recruitment needs. Less time occupied with posting and managing dozens of job openings manually means she can spend time on the more impactful side of recruiting. And because JobTarget Programmatic takes care of all of her job advertising needs, Carol has avoided bringing on additional headcount.

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