3 Strategies to Broaden Your Audience & Increase Job Ad Visibility

Written By Ryan Nicoletti | September 25, 2023

Improving your job ad visibility and reaching quality candidates often requires a diversified approach. Implementing new tactics into your overall recruitment strategy can help you gain more traction on your ads and reach candidates wherever they’re searching for new opportunities. Read on to learn a few strategies that can help you create a tailored recruitment strategy that increases your job ad visibility.  

1. Diversify Where You Post Your Ad 

There are many different types of job sites to choose from when posting your role, and where you end up posting can make a critical difference. The best strategy is to aim for a diversified mix of sites to help ensure that your job is getting in front of a diversified group of job seekers.

Post where candidates are currently engaging. Candidates are familiar with popular job sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster and will often return to them to find new roles. Not to mention, they garner millions of users so your candidate pool can increase dramatically.

Niche sites are essential to include in your ad strategy because they may have candidates with specific skills and requirements that you need, and may not have found on more generic sites.

Add industry or sector-related job sites, professional membership sites, and collegiate sites to your strategy next time. In addition, localized job sites can be helpful if you’re looking for job seekers close to your job posting’s location or are looking for seasonal/part-time candidates.  

2. Improve Your Employer Branding to Attract Job Seekers 

Marketing your organization and employer brand can increase your candidate pool and establish you as an employer of choice. To start, make sure you claim your free company page on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor. These free pages give candidates a sense of your company and allow them to get acquainted with your culture.

To go a step further, look into purchasing Premium Company Pages to add personalization, feature hard-to-fill jobs, post news and updates, and track analytics.

And don’t forget to build your social media presence – candidates often turn to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to find out more about your company before applying. Try spotlighting your employees, sharing company news and updates, showing fun company events, and responding to comments on social media platforms.

3. Reach New Candidates with Google Ads 

You may also want to look into advertising your roles and organization with Google Ads. Google Ads is a great way to capture attention and increase brand recognition/engagement. You can personalize your ad and target specific audiences you want to get your job ad in front of. Additionally, you’ll be able to track your ad to see how it's performing on Google and discover new ways to capture your audience’s attention while staying within your budget.  

Overall, the best way to improve your job ad visibility and reach a wider audience is to use a handful of different strategies in combination with each other. This way you’ll create a tailored recruitment strategy that focuses on discovering candidates wherever they are in their journey, which helps them find you and your job ad more efficiently.  

Looking for additional help? Reach out to our Media Services Team today to see how they can get your ads in front of the right audiences.  

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