Job Importer

Import all of your jobs from your ATS into JobTarget automatically. Access a dashboard to monitor your importers.


Automatically import all of your jobs into JobTarget. On a daily (or more frequent) basis, a Job Importer will grab all of your jobs from your ATS or Career Site and will bring them into JobTarget for you and your recruiters. This will save tremendous time, as you won’t need to bring over jobs one at a time or recreate jobs from within the JobTarget platform. You’ll also have access to an Importer dashboard; giving you visibility into what jobs are being added to JobTarget, edited, removed, etc. Make your JobTarget experience even simpler with this App.


Saves you time of having to import jobs one at a time or create them manually from within JobTarget.
Runs automatically daily, or can be configured to run multiple times per day.
All Importer runs are logged, giving you visibility into one is happening.
For organizations with multiple ATS systems or Career Sites, JobTarget can operate multiple Job Importers simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this service work if we don’t have an ATS? For this service to work, we either need a structured file (XML,RSS, etc) of your jobs or a website where your jobs are all listed. If you don’t have an ATS, this service is probably not for you.
We use an ATS that partners with JobTarget, will this work? Absolutely, JobTarget works with our ATS partners to ensure a reliable service to our mutual customers.

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