Compensation Analyzer Term Sheet

Last Updated: April 7, 2023

The following terms (“Term Sheet”) apply to the Compensation Analyzer product and are incorporated by reference into the applicable Service Order and form part of the Agreement between JobTarget and the Client, along with JobTarget’s General Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as set forth in the Service Order. This Term Sheet further applies to the purchase of Compensation Analyzer through JobTarget’s website. JobTarget may modify these terms at any time. By continuing to use JobTarget’s services, you are agreeing to any such modified terms.


JobTarget shall provide the following services in connection with the Compensation Analyzer product.

  • JobTarget shall use commercially reasonable efforts to provide compensation related data and information to Client through the Compensation Analyzer application.


Except as set forth above and without limiting or modifying the Limited Warranty in the General Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use, JobTarget does not guarantee the accuracy of the data or information provided or that Client will achieve any specific results or outcomes by using this data. JobTarget further makes no guarantee that Client will be compliant with any applicable laws or regulations by relying upon such data or information.

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