Why You Need To Hire A Media Buyer

Published on: Dec 29, 2020

The placement of a job advertisement is critical in recruiting the best possible candidates. If you have developed a strong employer-branded job posting and are hoping that it will really bring fresh and exciting talent to your organization, you need to make sure it reaches the desired audience. Media buying services can ensure your advertisement is successful in finding qualified candidates.

What Does a Media Buyer Do?

A media buyer acquires media advertising space for clients by using market research such as demographics, performance metrics, and content. The advertising can be job board postings, sponsored jobs, texting and email campaigns, or Google Ad Words marketing. A media buyer will come up with a media plan to strategize how to best launch a digital recruitment advertising campaign. Media buyers also monitor the campaign to make sure the advertisements are executed as planned and analyze the conversion rate of the ads. From there, they can make recommendations about the best job boards to use and adjust the strategy to optimize results.

Benefits of Using a Media Buyer

There are several reasons why using media buying services are a worthy investment. Because media buyers are experts in the digital marketplace, they are knowledgeable in new advertising trends and how to best help your company navigate the digital advertising space.

Pricing: Media strategists can use their expertise to determine where your dollars are best spent. They can recommend the best jobs boards, determine budgets for pay-per-click aggregators (like Indeed), and evaluate other solutions that might be valuable, such as resume database licenses, branding and company profiles, or special niche sites for targeting unique skills or diverse talent audiences. Most importantly, Media Services will leverage the relationships with our job board partners to provide the most cost-effective pricing possible.

Targeting: Online advertising enables you to definitively target who sees your ad. If you are looking to fill an entry-level position with a recent college graduate, online advertising can target that profile. When your company has initiatives for hiring a diverse workforce, or hard-to-fill specialty skillsets, media services can target those profiles. A media buyer can make suggestions about how to target the right candidates.

Better Tracking and Analysis: Online advertising allows for a greater degree of measurement as compared to other advertising avenues. A media buyer will be tracking your ads to determine how many times the ad was viewed, how often it was clicked and the average application conversion rate, in real-time.  This enables you to make edits to your advertisement based on the results you are seeing almost immediately. A digital media expert can help you understand exactly how to use this analysis to your advantage.

How JobTarget Can Help

If you are looking to hire someone who can handle these responsibilities, JobTarget can assist. We start by scheduling a Discovery Call to assess your talents, goals, needs, and resources.  Based on that discussion, we can make strategic recommendations based on data. Our Media Services Team handles the administrative work, as well as any troubleshooting, which means you have more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Utilizing JobTarget’s FREE Media Services will improve your recruiting process and give you a better ROI. We will let you know about new solutions and trends and how they fit with your company’s goals and budget. Both enterprise and SMB companies have taken advantage of our Media Services. Contact your Relationship Manager or Media Services Strategist today to discuss how we can help you take advantage of your recruitment advertising.

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