What are algorithms – and how are they changing recruitment advertising?

Algorithms are everywhere – they power everything from how our phones function to how ads are displayed online. Recruitment advertising also benefits from algorithms.  

But what are algorithms and how are they changing recruitment advertising? We take you through some basic information on what you need to know about them and how they can help your recruitment efforts.  

What is an Algorithm?  

Algorithms are used every day throughout the internet, including on every search engine and browser. Algorithms are sets of data or digital instructions designed to accomplish a task by a computer. Every electronic device uses an algorithm, which reduces time on many manual operations.  

For example, one of your tasks may be to create billing information and have it populated a certain way in a spreadsheet. In order to do so, you would set up rules within the spreadsheet that have a set of conditions on how you want to populate the information. That’s a (very simple) algorithm. 

What role algorithms play in programmatic advertising? 

Programmatic advertising is an incredible tool that recruiters can use to find candidates – and it’s powered by algorithms. These algorithms evaluate the performance of an ad campaign and can take action in real-time. They can determine where the ad is going to be the most effective and, based on historic and real-time data, can adjust where the post appears if necessary. This is cost-effective, saves time, and ensures ads are seen by the right people. 

Through programmatic advertising, recruiters can take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) at each stage of the ad buying process. Programmatic technology and the algorithms that power it make the process of hiring a candidate more successful. 

Job sites are search engines 

Search engines make extensive use of algorithms to learn about job seeker behavior and direct them to the right information. As employers decide how to post open roles, it’s important to keep in mind that job sites are search engines. Understanding that algorithms will help candidates find open roles will help you optimize how you advertise. 

Since programmatic advertising is performance-based, you’ll want to make sure your ad reaches the top of the search results and finds the right candidate. To do so, make sure that your ad has enough information to enable the job site’s algorithms to find and direct it appropriately. This includes providing industry-standard job titles, detailed descriptions, and the addition of relevant keywords for effective search engine optimization (SEO).  

Algorithms are a smart addition to your hiring strategy 

Algorithms are making it easier for recruiters to reach the right candidates. As technology advances and more and more data is collected, it enables recruiters to better measure performance, understand candidate behaviors, and improve upon hiring strategies. Automating job ads and allowing programmatic algorithms to work their magic gives recruiters more time for engaging with real people, faster and ultimately provides a better recruitment experience for both candidates and recruiters. 

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