Tips and Tricks to Increase Applications for Your Roles

In a market where you have to capture the attention of a job seeker quickly, employers need to develop unique and creative strategies to ensure their open roles are seen to increase applications for the position. JobTarget has come up with 5 tips and tricks for you to get your open roles in front of more candidates, apply easier, and successfully fill your positions with top talent.

1. Go after passive candidates

Did you know that 80% of the candidate market consists of passive talent? These are individuals who aren’t currently on the lookout for a new role but may be open to the opportunity if presented.

You can easily start tapping into this market by conducting proactive candidate searches and engaging with talent. With the right sourcing tools, you can search for candidates by qualifications, experiences, and location.

You can find passive candidates through social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook. A great way to find passive candidates is by joining online communities and groups related to the positions you want to hire. It’s a space where you can build relationships and your company’s brand. Employee referral programs and searching for candidates who have previously applied to your openings through your own Applicant Tracking System (ATS), or Human Resources Information System (HRIS) are also perfect ways for identifying passive talent. Read more about finding and communicating with passive candidates here.

2. Include an “Easy Apply” option

In a world led by smartphones and mobile technology, making the job application process easy and user-friendly on these portable devices are necessary. According to Glassdoor, 58% of users are looking for jobs on their phones, yet it takes mobile users 80% longer to complete each application. This becomes a problem as more candidates drop off your job postings and you receive fewer applications. To fix this problem, try implementing an “easy apply” option on your job applications. Users can apply for your role from the job search platform of their choice, without having to navigate to your company’s career page. This doesn’t make a huge difference on the recruiter’s side; however, it completely changes the experience for the job seeker and makes the application process convenient.

3. Disclose salary information in your job descriptions

A great way to increase your number of applications from candidates is to provide salary information, details on benefits, and other employee perks within your job description. According to Indeed, job seekers are 68% more likely to apply for your position if it lists the pay. A company that has a reputation for paying fairly and disclosing pay also fairs better than those that do not, and 75% of job seekers are more likely to apply to jobs from companies with reputations for paying their employees well. Candidates have tools like Glassdoor and Payscale at their disposal to determine what fair pay for a role is. Staying hush-hush on the salary could be stifling the number of applications you’re receiving. JobTarget Compensation Analyzer puts reliable compensation data at your fingertips so you can start aligning your salary offerings to local market data and attract more candidates. Find out more about Compensation Analyzer.

4. Utilize texting campaigns

Timeliness is important and one of the fastest ways to get in touch with potential candidates is through texting campaigns. According to the 2019 Mobile Usage Report, 90% of people respond to a text message within 30 minutes. Crafting a text campaign to reach more candidates faster may be worth your while. Chat with one of our Media Specialists today to develop a texting campaign to get more eyes on your open roles. The best part – our Media Services are free of charge for all JobTarget clients so you can start maximizing your recruitment advertising without risk. Check out our Media Services.

5. Use recognizable job titles

When it comes to including the title of the position within the job description, it’s important to use a title that is easily identifiable and straightforward. Job seekers do not want to apply for positions with ambiguous or vague job titles or descriptions. Make sure to include a job title that corresponds accurately to where the job sits within your organization’s hierarchy. For example, entry-level job titles are often labeled as “intern” or “assistant.” Individual contributor positions, which are roles where an employee may be in more of a senior role but lack people management responsibilities, are often labeled as “coordinator,” “specialist,” “representative,” or “associate.” These terms are quite common and allow job seekers to understand the scope of the responsibility within the role.

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