The New and Necessary Recruiting Skill of 2023: Intelligent Recruitment Advertising

My less than ecstatic introduction to Programmatic Job Advertising 

I remember when I first learned of Programmatic Job Advertising. I was working at a young tech startup in central North Carolina, and I was extremely invested in the talent we were bringing on our team.  

The word programmatic just felt robotic to me and I hated that. So, instead of taking that route, I insisted that we stick to recruiting via LinkedIn (the program I knew) and other manual sources.  

After just a few weeks of practicing my brilliant method, I couldn’t keep up. I couldn’t find the ideal candidates I wanted (and desperately needed) and I was also spending way too much money for these unqualified candidates to click my job advertisements and then disappear. It was exhausting, and not to mention, incredibly discouraging.  

That’s when I started leaning into programmatic job advertising to support my hiring needs. What once felt human-less and removed, now felt efficient and quality-driven. There was data behind the method. There was nuance and intelligence that I couldn’t duplicate. And the best part about it was that I was the brains behind the role I was recruiting for. The Programmatic tool was simply doing the brunt work for me (while optimizing my ad spend), so I could focus on my day job and invest in my current relationships while the search of new talent was happening behind the scenes.  

It exceeded what I needed and brought me the kind of candidates I thought I'd only be able to find manually—the kind that would grow our business.

What Programmatic Job Advertising means for recruiting in 2023 

In 2023, companies will be doing less recruiting. Let me repeat that. Companies will be doing less recruiting. Just like we saw in 2020, hiring freezes and layoffs may be around the corner, due to inflation, the impending recession, and everyone’s favorite, budget reductions.  

Which means, every company, big or small, needs a mix of both niche and standard skills right now. The newest and most necessary skill your recruiting team needs to adopt in the midst of this shift is recruitment advertising

Programmatic job advertising serves as a partner in your recruitment goals, not just a tool. Here are a few benefits: 

  • It’s cost-effective 

  • It’s scalable (your boss’s favorite) 

  • It produces candidate volume by casting a wider net 

  • It’s fast and efficient 

  • It diversifies job board distribution 

  • It doesn’t discriminate and minimizes biased decision-making 

  • It saves time 

  • It’s flexible and intelligent 

  • It automates and optimizes exactly which job boards to use to reach the right candidates at the right time 

  • It focuses on budget efficiency 

  • Companies are able to produce anywhere from 40-60% of their applicants and hires from job boards and, depending on the industry, even as high as 70%. (via TA Tech

Why it matters 

As the need for great talent keeps growing and our budget dollars keep getting smaller, we’re expected to hire more skilled candidates with less advertising money. That feels a bit overwhelming and kind of (very) aggravating.  

All of this means that we HAVE to create job ads that convert. The market is demanding it. And it starts with choosing the right Programmatic partner. One that will bring you the candidates you need—fast.  

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