The Importance Of SEO For Job Listings

Published: August 10th, 2021

Job search is like any other search we make daily on the internet. A job seeker enters keywords related to the information they need, and a list of results are returned to them, ranked in order of relevance. If you want your job to appear higher in that job seeker’s search results, you need to optimize your job posting. SEO-optimized job listings rank highly in job search engines, making them more visible to a wider group of applicants.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your web page through organic (non-paid) search results. Search engines, whether it’s Google or Indeed, use an algorithm to decide the order in which listings show up when a user performs a keyword search.

The Importance of Keywords for SEO

Keywords are singular words or phrases that attract audiences to your web page, or job posting. For example, a jobseeker looking for a sales job might search the keywords “sales representative” or “account executive” or “business development”. The search engine will scan a job description for keywords that match those in a search. If you want qualified candidates to find your job, the words used in your job ad need to be aligned with keywords that jobseekers are using.

Most job seekers search for a specific title (they are not looking to be a ‘rockstar’ or ‘wizard’ so avoid that language) so the correct choice and optimization of keywords can increase visibility and attract your target audience to apply.

Relevant keywords can be found using resources such as Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool. These resources help to create a list of keywords for your job title and job description and let you know how many people search for a specific keyword based on your location. Variations or acronyms should also be used, for example, ‘registered nurse’ and ‘rn’ .

SEO for Job Listings

Optimizing your job listings with SEO best practices will improve the likelihood that your job listings will show up high in relevant jobseeker searches. Good SEO will give the algorithms the info they need to help get your jobs displayed in relevant jobseeker searches, which increases your listing exposure to the right candidates and in turn, increase your opportunity for quality applicants.

SEO for Job Title: The job title should be simple and recognizable terms while clearly indicating what the job entails. Clear job titles that use common keywords are most effective. Include relevant information that the jobseeker would like to know, like “Part Time” or “Weekends” or “Remote” but avoid adding fluff like “Hiring Now” or “Immediate Need”.

SEO for Job Description:  The job description offers more flexibility for keywords, however, there are two keywords that should always be included in the job description:  the job title and the location. This is the most effective information for local SEO purposes. Try to create “keyword density” by repeating these same keywords at minimum 3-5 times.  The job description should also include relevant descriptors that provide details about the position but keep it concise This cities “Job posts with 150 words or less got candidates to apply 17.8% more frequently than job posts with 450 to 600 words.”

Meta Tags for SEO

Meta tags are small amounts of code that help tell search engines important information about your page and how it should be displayed in search results. Meta tags should be clear and concise so that potential candidates can understand the job opening and if it fits what they are looking for. A meta title and description Meta titles should be less than 65 characters and meta descriptions should be less than155 characters. A Call to Action, such as “Apply Now” is also a way to encourage candidates to go to your website.

SEO can be used to effectively widen your exposure to qualified candidates to help fill your positions. It should be used as part of your marketing efforts for every job opening.

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