Six Tips for Attracting Seasonal Employees

Published: October 26th, 2021

With the holidays fast-approaching, companies that need to hire seasonal employees may be looking to for additional ways to find qualified candidates. A seasonal recruitment strategy will enable your company to attract and hire seasonal employees. The following six tips will help your business find quality applicants for your temporary hiring needs.

Start Early

This is the busiest time of year when it comes to hiring the right number of people, as well as the best people you can staff. You may be thinking, It’s only September, I have plenty of time. However, the hiring process takes time, and you are up against other employers who are hiring for seasonal work. Ideally, you should have your staff in place a month before you actually need them. Even if you hire faster than anticipated, employees can start earlier if budget allows, or work less hours and then ramp up as necessary.

Make Your Company Stand Out

Because we are still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be fewer people looking for seasonal work. In order to attract top talent from a smaller pool of applicants, you need to set your organization apart. For example, focus on what makes your company great to work for and list skills that employees will get through this job.

You can attract motivated seasonal workers if you are able to offer an opportunity past the specified months. If a prospective employee wants to work for your company, they will be likely to accept something temporary in hopes of getting their foot in the door. If there is no opportunity for work beyond the season, make the seasonal position permanent.

Create a Targeted Job Description

The best way to reach the most qualified candidates is with a targeted job description. Include exactly the type of candidate that would do well in the open position as well as details about what is entailed and how long the job will last. If there are any necessary certification or physical requirements (i.e. lifting heavy items), make sure that is included as well.

The work schedule should also describe how many days and hours will be needed as well as if there is any flexibility. Being clear about the working hours upfront will help to avoid scheduling conflicts. This is particularly important for retail seasonal employees.

Use Seasonal Keywords

It is important to use keywords that indicate that the position is seasonal or temporary. That way, those looking for that type of work will be able to find it. Keywords include “seasonal role,” “seasonal work,” “holiday employment,” “temporary work,” and more. For example, the job title can specify that it will be a seasonal position by saying, “Seasonal Sales Associate” with phrases such as “part-time” or “temporary” in the job description.

Take Advantage of Technology

If your seasonal staff tends to be on the younger side, then utilize technology to communicate with them. Scheduling software and digital communication tools help potential employees stay updated on important information and interview scheduling right from their phones.
On the recruiting side, technology can be used to organize all job postings and applications in one place so that the process can be done quickly and efficiently.

Offer a Bonus

There are several options when offering a bonus to seasonal employees.

Signing Bonus:

Seasonal workers usually want money fast so a signing bonus that goes into effect after a few days on the job will increase the chance of attracting candidates who may be deciding between several jobs.

End-of-Season Bonus:

An end-of-season bonus can help ensure that employees stay for the duration of the job. When they quit mid-season, you’ll be left with a gap in your workforce that might be difficult to fulfill.

Returning Employee Bonus:

Former employees are already familiar with the job and will need little training. You can attract former staff by offering them a bonus.


Perhaps a bonus in not in your company’s budget, but a discount on your products or services for employees may help to be the deciding factor in a potential candidate’s choice.

Hiring seasonal employees can be challenging, but JobTarget can help get your seasonal job in front of the right audience so that you attract the top talent for the position.

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