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Published on: Jan 26, 2021

What is JobTarget?

JobTarget is a company that helps connect companies to talent. Our tools and services are used by thousands of organizations to reach millions of job seekers.

How can JobTarget help me?

JobTarget provides data management and communication systems which can help make your job search easier. For example, you may store your resume or profile within JobTarget and use that to more easily apply for jobs in the future. Also, you can track all of your submitted job applications that have occurred through JobTarget apply systems. You’ll know whether and when your job application is viewed by the hiring organization.

Why did I receive an email from JobTarget?

JobTarget is used by companies and their recruiters to connect with job candidates. This is done through job ads, as well as resume banks. Often times, JobTarget is used to aggregate resumes from across different job boards and systems, centralizing them within JobTarget. Recruiters then use JobTarget to send requests out on their behalf. Or, it’s possible you have applied for a job or registered on JobTarget’s systems.

Is JobTarget a job board?

JobTarget is not a job board. We do not provide any ways to search or discover jobs. There are already a large number of websites that offer those services. Instead JobTarget offers tools to job seekers and gives them opportunities to connect with hiring organizations.

How does JobTarget have my information?

There are many different ways that your information may have been added to JobTarget. This could include you having applied for a job through a JobTarget apply system, or perhaps you uploaded a resume at a job board, or you’ve sent your resume to a company. It’s also possible your information was acquired through a 3rd-party data company. The good news is that no matter how it came into JobTarget, you have complete control over it. You may choose to edit it, remove it, or decide which users/companies to share it with or which to hide it from. Simply log into JobTarget to see your profile and make the changes you desire. You’re totally in control.

Can I remove my information from JobTarget?

Yes, you may. JobTarget gives you control over your information. Simply login and go to the Profile App. You may also decide which companies/users to share or hide your information from in the Connections App.

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