5 Reasons Why Recruiters Deserve Our Thanks This Holiday Season

Written By Abby Carter | November 21, 2023

I think we all would agree that this time of year demands us to reflect, be still, or just think about what’s important to us. Even in business.  

It’s easy to, instead, spend this time hustling, planning, and making sure we have Q1 strategies lined up before we mark “OOO” on our calendars.   

But, let’s stop for a few minutes. Let’s pause. I promise, you can do it. 

This year has demanded our best in recruitment. It has absolutely required us to think faster, make smarter decisions, and wear about five different hats that we never had to wear before. 

It has stretched us, grown us, and shaped us.  

And today, at JobTarget, we want to say thank you. To all the recruiters, HR staff, HR tech wizards, and those dedicated to creating a better experience for their teams, we see you. And we appreciate you.  

Here are our favorite reasons why: 

1. You are hard-working. 

Think about the past few years. How incredibly draining, unpredictable, and uncertain each moment has been, especially in the job market. Recruitment and HR teams have had to handle themselves with grace, grit, and an insane amount of hard work. I mean HARD work. Recruiting doesn’t sleep. Which means, you probably haven’t either. 

2. You have to be a generalist. 

Recruiters are the bridge between a company and its next great hire. Which means, recruiters are much more than a liaison. They are expert communicators, counselors, friends, mentors, investigators, brand ambassadors, and job market wizards. They do a lot with a little. They know how to speak the language of both candidates and employers, which we all know is a unique skill in and of itself. They are expert generalists that we need in our organizations. 

3. You build careers and make dreams happen. 

As we’ve witnessed in the past few years alone, a job isn’t just a job. They are part of us. They can determine how our families live, how our skillsets and growth are supported, and how we make an impact on the world. Matching the right person to the right job at the right time is complex work. But, it’s worthy work that we need for this world to keep moving. You are building our next generation. 

4. You are always thinking about the next great hire. 

How many open reqs are you working on at once? How many jobs are you researching, advertising, and filling in one quarter? I would guess the answer isn’t just one. Recruiters and HR teams have to constantly think forward. They are constantly strategizing, growing, and refining organizations. Recruitment isn’t a job where we can just stand still. Thinking ahead is what defines making consistently great hires.  

5. You don't get enough credit. 

You probably don’t get thanked enough for all that you do. The long nights, the endless conversations, the planning, the surprises, the disappointments, and the perseverance. It all matters. And you deserve all the credit in the world for building the teams that are tackling real-world problems, creating change, and impacting lives.  

You are doing worthy work that is changing the world as we know it. So, when you’re feeling discouraged, hopeless, tired, overworked, and like your job never ends, please remember that it matters. More than you can even see. 

At JobTarget, we get the privilege of seeing the big picture. Watching how employers, recruiters, and teams come together to make an impact.  

This holiday season, from our team to yours, we want to let you know how THANKFUL we are for your work. 

Happy Holidays! 

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