Behind the JobTarget Platform: Introducing Our New, Real-Time Data Architecture

Written By Abby Carter | February 23, 2023

As the great Jack Welch one said, “Change before you have to.”  

In the last few years, JobTarget has been undergoing tremendous growth. 100% in 2021, and then doubled again in 2022. And with that growth comes the need for refinement, innovation, and maturity, especially with a product experience. As our customers grow, we not only grow with them, we aim to grow before them.  

We are so excited to announce our official migration to the AWS cloud – a digital transformation that will allow us to better serve our customers with real-time learning and decision-making capabilities.  

With this new cloud-based approach, we can surface data daily, even on the hour, to understand the best paths forward for our customers and recommend the best tools to aid in their success. 

This solution is rooted in high availability, scalability, performance, security, and cost-effectiveness. 

We absolutely could not have made this migration without our partners at Rackspace Technology who helped us every step of the way. Read our press release here

“One of the main reasons that I love working at JobTarget is that we touch a lot of people’s lives; we help people find the right job. With Rackspace and some of these new technologies, we’re hoping to make it a lot easier for people to find jobs and be more successful in their own lives.”

Watch the Rackspace Technology interview with JobTarget’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark Oreta, explaining the benefits of the migration for JobTarget customers. 

To learn more about how this move from web servers to AWS Secure Cloud Services will streamline JobTarget’s development agility and support overall customer success, read the full case study here

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