5 Trends Recruiters Need to Know for 2022

Hiring as we know it has changed drastically in the past year. Looking at hiring trends in 2021, we’ve seen a record number of resignations, an increase in open roles not getting filled, and more headaches for recruiters and companies alike. Read on to learn the top five hiring trends you need to know about for 2022.  

A flexible working environment is a priority for candidates. 

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020, employees were eager to return to the workforce after being forced to work from home. For many, they have never experienced this mode of working, nor did they know how to work remotely. This was a learning process for everyone across the world. However, almost 2 years into the pandemic, candidates are finding themselves enjoying working from home more than their previous on-site, in-office working style. Growmotely conducted a study where they found that 74% of employees they surveyed believed that working remotely will become the new normal. Although companies are encouraging their employees to return to the office, it’s important to know where your candidates stand in terms of their preferred working environment, whether that’s remote, in-office, or hybrid. Understanding a company’s expectations in this regard will become essential in finding the right candidates.  

Previous job experience is becoming less important for employers. 

At a time when finding talent is very difficult, employers are willing to bend their requirements that may be limiting talented, dedicated individuals from entering the candidate pool. For this reason, lack of previous job experience is becoming less of a deal-breaker. Jobvite conducted a study to determine industry priorities and hiring trends by surveying hundreds of recruiters. What they found was that from 2017 to 2021, factoring previous job experience in importance when evaluating candidates dropped from 92% to 62%. This also indicates that the best candidate for a role may not be someone who has had direct experience within that position or industry. Instead, candidates that are willing to learn and adapt can be successful in a position they may not have held before.  

Negotiating salary is becoming more important for candidates. 

More than 70% of recruiters have seen an increase in salary negotiations compared to previous years, according to Jobvite. Salary transparency has become somewhat of a trend on social media, where users are willing to share their past and present salaries to educate their peers on what they deserve to be paid. This transparency, along with many other factors such as increasing prices in everyday expenses like rent, has caused candidates to negotiate offers that they’ve received in hopes for higher pay. Many candidates have seen success with their negotiations, so we predict this trend becoming even more popular in 2022.  

Recruiters are seeing success with passive candidates. 

Passive candidates are those who are not currently looking to move from their current role. For this reason alone, many recruiters may be apprehensive in reaching out to passive candidates that are not looking for new opportunities. One thing to consider however is that these individuals usually possess in-demand skills and qualifications that many employers are competing for. While passive candidates may not be actively applying for new jobs, that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be interested in a new opportunity that presents itself. Not actively pursuing passive candidates can lead you to miss out on a huge market.  

Marketing has never been more important in filling open roles. 

In a candidate-driven market, recruiters can benefit from learning how to market to potential candidates. It’s important to differentiate yourself from other recruiters that may be competing for the same talent as you. In your communications with candidates, remember to be persuasive and personable, and avoid insignificant buzzwords when possible. Speak on the company’s reputation and brand, as this can be very important to candidates. 92% of candidates would consider leaving their job if offered another role at a company that had an excellent reputation, according to Corporate Responsibility Magazine. Lastly, create a positive experience for the candidate where possible, as CareerPlug found that 58% of job seekers have declined an offer when they’ve had a poor recruitment experience. 

The recruitment world is always changing, and it’s been in overdrive for the past couple of years. We hope understanding these trends helps you stay ahead of the curve.

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