4 Reasons Why You Should Use Programmatic Job Advertising

Written By Kayla Sabo | September 25, 2023

If you're unfamiliar with Programmatic advertising, here's a quick background to bring you up to speed.

Programmatic advertising is an automated solution used for real-time buying and selling of online advertising. Algorithms evaluate an ad campaign’s performance and determine where they will be the most effective based on actual user purchasing behaviors and other data collection. It currently powers all – or nearly all – online advertising. 

Here's why it matters to recruiting. Think of your job ads like any other digital advertisement – but as a recruiter, the “product” you’re trying to sell is your open roles. 

Programmatic job advertising has a number of benefits for recruiters to help make your job easier. Read on for four reasons why you should be using programmatic job advertising. 

Improved Ad Visibility  

Getting eyes on your job ad is the first hurdle of a successful job advertising campaign. You need to get your ad in front of as many qualified candidates as possible. When you only advertise your job on one site, you’re writing off candidates that are looking for jobs anywhere else on the internet.  

Programmatic job advertising gets your ads posted across multiple sites, allowing you to reach a broader audience so you don’t miss out on the perfect candidate. Because programmatic ads are optimized based on performance, your budget will also be designated towards the sites where you are getting the most traffic, compounding your reach.  

Better ROI  

Choosing where to post your job ad can feel like a gamble. You have a set budget and you need to choose where to allocate it to get the best result. If you choose wrong, you waste money. So how can you make ROI a sure thing?  

Programmatic job advertising relies on technology that automatically optimizes your ad campaign based on performance, so you know your budget is going where it counts. If you’re getting good traction on a site, the job will be left up on that site. If you’re not getting results on a job site, the job will be removed and that budget will be reallocated to a better performing site. Easy enough, right?

Hire Faster and More Efficiently

They say “time is money” and in recruiting, we know that time is both money and resources. Time saving is crucial to making sure you’re getting everything done with the limited resources you have. Posting job ads can be a tedious task on top of the time that goes into vetting and interviewing candidates.  

Automating the job posting and decision making process means you barely have to spend any time on job advertising. The jobs are automatically posted across sites so you only need to post your job once and will get on more sites in a fraction of the time. You’re also saving time monitoring your ads because the programmatic algorithms will auto-optimize for performance. Finally, by targeting your ads to the sites where they’re most likely to find qualified applicants for your role, you’re able to save time combing through piles of resumes from irrelevant candidates.  

Build An “Always On” Strategy 

Technology can often be used to make up for resources you don’t have access to. You don’t need a staff member to be constantly monitoring your job ads 24/7 because programmatic job advertising technology can do it for you. This allows you to have a comprehensive, always on job advertising strategy that runs behind the scenes to help you build a solid candidate pipeline you can rely on.  

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