Be proactive and find the right candidates for all your hard to fill positions, yourself.


Tired of waiting for the right the candidates to apply to your open jobs? Be proactive and find them yourself with the JobTarget Sourcer app.
Just pick what kind of candidate you are looking for, click search and let our algorithms do the rest. Search through millions of candidates in seconds with the touch of a button.
You will have the ability to view their most up to date resumes, save them for later and message them all using the same integrated platform. Best of all, you won’t be charged a credit until a candidate agrees to engage with you. Take charge of your recruiting process by getting started with the JobTarget Sourcer app today.


Search through over 60 million unique profiles
Segregate out candidates through multitudes of filters
Save and retrieve candidates
Save your favorite searches
Share your results with others in your company
View resumes and contact candidates directly from the platform
Comprehensive e-mail verification before messages are sent
Integration support with CareerBuilder and Dice Searches

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a sourcing tool? A sourcing tool is used to to help fill hard to fill positions. Not only will you have access to candidates actively looking for a job, but also those who are open to it but not searching at the moment. Sometimes, the perfect candidate is right around the corner, it's just up to you to make the first move.
Why should I choose JobTarget Sourcer? Jobtarget's Sourcer platform is a marketplace that aggregates the databases of many different partners. We are committed to providing you the most comprehensive database possible for your sourcing needs so that JobTarget Sourcer is the last sourcing tool you will ever need. Contact us to learn more.
How do I know sourcing will work for me? Our premium credits work on a specialized connections system. You will only be charged a credit when a job seeker expresses interest in your position, so you know you will get value from this partnership.

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