RecruitSite Landing Pages

Customizable landing pages for your organization’s jobs. Engage candidates and process job applications.


RecruitSite Landing Pages allow your organization to set up job hosting pages quickly and cost effectively. Whether your goal is to have a mobile friendly career page, a landing page for your recruitment ads or if you want to have career sites for specific hiring initiatives, a RecruitSite can help. You can easily manage more than one RecruitSite at a time from within JobTarget. You could have one RecruitSite for your diversity hiring and a separate one for collegiate hiring. Or maybe you are opening a new store and want to set up a career site page just for those job openings; a RecruitSite can be an easy solution for that. Creating pages to host your jobs has never been easier.


Add your company branding.
Mobile Optimized.
Implement an easy apply process to increase job seeker engagement.
Manage and track performance of all job postings.
Review applicants and manage candidate flow.
Integrated Easy Apply with many leading job sites.
Review and easily share job applications from within JobTarget.
Receive new job applications as they come in via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a RecruitSite? You may use this service for free. Terms and restrictions may apply.
What value does a RecruitSite offer? Launch a page to host your jobs quickly and cost effectively. You can setup different RecruitSites for different purposes; so you may have one for a diversity recruiting effort, one for collegiate or entry level jobs or one for different stores or facilities. RecruitSites are mobile optimized and integrated with job site Easy Apply processes driving more activity and job applications.
Does this bring in candidates for our jobs? Candidates will be able to discover your jobs from Google and other search engines. You also have simple access to JobTarget’s recruitment advertising solutions to get further exposure for your jobs.
How do I get my jobs onto one of my JobTarget RecruitSites? If using JobTarget Job Site Marketplace, your RecruitSites will be prominently listed and can quickly be added to your Cart.

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