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If you reach potential job seekers, we want to talk to you. JobTarget spends tens of millions of dollars annually trying to reach job seekers. We also work with thousands of hiring organizations that are looking for additional ways to reach job seekers. Let JobTarget get your job site or publication more exposure to these organizations.

Ways To Partner

Job Site Marketplace

Your job board will be made available inside many leading ATS systems. Customers will discover your job site and place orders.


JobTarget will send you relevant job postings and pay you per click or per apply.


JobTarget will resell your resumes or resume bank to employers.

Connecting Our Tech

Automated / Integrated Job Postings

We accept job postings from most leading ATS systems.


Deliver job applications directly from your job site without sending users away.

Job Widgets

Drop a job widget on your website and immediately start getting revenue.

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