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Job Site Marketplace

Post jobs to over 25,000 job sites from every industry and function imaginable.

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Fully-automated, data-driven, algorithm-managed job postings. The future of recruitment advertising is

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Be proactive and find the right candidates for all your hard to fill positions, yourself.

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OFCCP CompliancePost

Stay compliant. Protect your organization
and its reputation.

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OFCCP Local Outreach

Manage your community outreach efforts, discover new organizations and have JobTarget email your jobs to your contacts.

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OFCCP Activities

Track, manage and report on your outreach efforts and diversity events for targeted groups.

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Media Services

Let the experts assess your strategy, negotiate your contracts and be an objective advisor.

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Compensation Analyzer

Salary research, without doing
the research.

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Cost-effective diversity advertising. Your job ads are automatically sent to 25+ leading diversity job sites.

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RecruitSite Landing Pages

Customizable landing pages for your organization’s jobs. Engage candidates and process job applications.

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Reports: Job Advertising

Don’t advertise blindly. Measure and optimize your strategy with click, application and ROI reports.

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Candidate Manager

Manage all of your candidates in JobTarget from one centralized location.

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Job Manager

The central place to manage all of your jobs in JobTarget.

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