Job Manager

The central place to manage all of your jobs in JobTarget.


Stay on top of all your jobs and postings! Job Manager is a tool that helps you manage your organizations job openings from one central interface in JobTarget.
You’ll be able to quickly:
View / Edit your jobs
Advertise your jobs
Track / Manage job postings
Review Job-Level / Posting-Level Advertising Analytics
Review candidate flow / access job applications
Anything & everything related to your jobs!

Works across all JobTarget Apps, without having to go App-to-App.


Manage your job openings from one central interface
Edit, stop, re-post or advertise on additional job sites
Quickly access performance stats (clicks & applies) on each job or posting
Access advertised, un-posted and expired jobs
In App search tool allows you to find jobs quickly

Frequently Asked Questions

How do jobs get into Job Manager? Any job imported or added directly into JobTarget will appear in Job Manager. This includes jobs being brought over via an ATS through our API or jobs bulk imported via the Job Importer App.
If I edit a job in Job Manager will it update on the job sites? Yes, changes made to a job via the Edit functionality will automatically be delivered to any active postings on job sites. Please keep in mind, it can take upwards of two business days before those changes may be reflected on the job sites themselves.
How much does the Job Manager App cost? This App is free.
How long do jobs stay in Job Manager? Jobs are accessible for 12 months from the date of creation.
What if I can’t find a job in Job Manager? It’s possible the job has been added to a Division which the user does not have access to. You will only see jobs, linked to Divisions which you have permission to access. The other explanation may be the job is expired, so you may want to check there. Or it’s possible the job won’t be accessible anymore if it was created in JobTarget over 12 months ago.

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