Data and Analytics

Measure. Analyze. Optimize.

Recruiting is now data powered. With most activities online, every element can be tracked. This tracking leads to smarter decision making and is the fuel for recruitment automation. JobTarget will ensure your organization is using data to move its recruiting processes forward.

Accurate Source Tracking

Understanding where your candidates come from allows for better advertising decisions. No longer will you need to rely on the outdated, and inaccurate method of job applicants self-identifying where they came from. JobTarget automates source tracking with 100% accuracy and is able to feed that data into your applicant tracking system.

Analyze Your Publishers

JobTarget aggregates your data across all of your job ads and all of your publishers. With reporting you will be able to understand which job sites work for which job openings. You’ll see time-trending performance trends. You’ll be able to compare data across all of your activities. And ultimately, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions about how to recruit.

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