Deliver jobs to job sites automatically. Define which jobs go where, sit back and let AutoPosters do the work for you.


Automate more of your recruitment process by automating the delivery of your jobs to job sites. Simply define which jobs should be sent to the job site and the AutoPoster will run each day, select the jobs and send them to the job site. Truly a “set it and forget it” service. You can choose the jobs by defining only jobs in a particular location or that have a particular keyword in the title, or you can even add a small code to the bottom of your job openings on your ATS. There are many criteria that can be used.
You’ll also have access to a dashboard within JobTarget to see all of your AutoPosters, their routing rules and the details of each daily run – which jobs were added, edited or removed. Let AutoPosters take the administrative work out of your recruiting process, so you can focus on the more meaningful parts of your job.


Automate the delivery of your jobs to your contract job sites, saving countless hours.
Dashboard provides visibility into what’s happening.
Set business rules to automatically determine which jobs to send.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use this service and not just have the job board scrape my jobs in? There are a few reasons that you will want to keep control of this process. First, you can better control which jobs are sent to the job site and which are not. The job sites often times have an incentive to bring in as many jobs as they can. Equally important, when JobTarget delivers the jobs we insert our tracking technology. We will give you an objective, unbiased view into what’s happening with all of your job postings. While we love our job site partners dearly, we’ve seen that their reports don’t always highlight the total picture of what is happening with your posting on their sites.
Are there any restrictions to this service? Yes, we currently only offer this service to our Media Services customers. To learn more, please contact us. Additionally, you will need to have a posting contract in place with a job site.
Does this work with every job board? This service works with most of the leading job sites. It’s a service best suited for a high volume of postings, so its typically used where you have an annual package or subscription with a job site. Contact us about the job sites you would like to setup an AutoPoster for.

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