The Move To Remote Hiring During Social Distancing

Published on: Mar 25, 2020

In our ever-changing society, working remotely has now rapidly increased due to the COVID-19 virus. With social distancing in place, more businesses may be looking to hire remotely. Many companies will find that managing a business remotely is essential for their company during this time. In addition, remote hiring can benefit a business by bringing in candidates with skills that cannot be found with local candidates. When it comes to remote hiring, your approach might be somewhat different than with traditional hiring.

Remote Hiring Tips

Finding the right employees for your organization is important. If you have not updated your processes, you may need to, to make sure your remote hiring practice is attractive to potential employees. The remote hiring process should include the following to attract the best candidates:

  • Have a Strong Online Presence. Your website and social media should be up-to-date and provide information that will build your reputation. Now more than ever, candidates rely on the information they can get digitally to assess your company so your online presence should demonstrate your culture. That way, a candidate can envision themselves working for you.
  • Tout Your Benefits. Make sure you clearly state the flexibility and benefits offered by your company, as well as a typical day of an employee. The best way to do this is through your website, on social media and during the interview process. You may also want to include current employee testimonials.
  • Post Job Openings on Reputable Sites. If you are going to hire a remote employee and need help picking job sites please contact your Relationship Manager or email
  • Ask for Referrals. Good candidates can be hard to find. You can expand your job candidate pool by asking your current employees for referrals. They are one of the best sources of new hires.
  • Conduct a Virtual Interview. Face-to-face interviews are not advisable in today’s social distancing environment. Phone and video are now the main forms for interview communication. Once they have passed the initial screening, a virtual interview should be conducted.

JobTarget is doing our part in social distancing by having employees work remotely. When we asked Daniela Luis, HR Director at JobTarget, about virtual interviews she said,

“Implementing telecommunication tools such as video conferencing is a great way to conduct remote interviews. As the interviewer, you can see the candidates body language and get a sense of how they present themselves. You also have the opportunity to creatively engage with prospects while instilling a personable and professional experience.”

Thanks to software and applications, video recruiting can be accomplished as effectively as if done in person. You can also utilize many of the online resources that aid in remote hiring to screen candidates and schedule online interviews, which is helpful in cases with time zone differences.

The move to a remote hiring process during these times of social distancing will encourage safe practices. Keeping the lines of communication open is key to the successful hiring of a new employee.

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